CrossCode: A New Home – Trailer and Release Date

Hello everyball!

As you can see, we finally have news for you regarding the CrossCode post-game DLC!
Not only do we have a trailer for you, there’s also a release date!

The post-game DLC CrossCode: A New Home
will release for Mac & PC on February 26, 2021!
The release for consoles will follow this summer!

You can already wishlist the DLC on Steam!
The price for the DLC will be 8.99 US$.

Here a list of things you can expect:

An extended Rhombus Square that even includes a beach now!

The new area “Azure Archipelago” – ready to be explored!

Finally completing the raid!

The new Ku’lero Temple – probably the biggest dungeon of the whole game.

Several new quests all around CrossWorlds – you might even end up on a highway!

An extension to the main plot – learn more about how things continue for Lea and the others.

Of course, this DLC also comes with new, exciting music tracks to make the final chapter of CrossCode a very memorable one. However, our usual composer Deniz Akbulut unfortunately wasn’t available anymore at this time to make the last CrossCode tracks. He recently has moved to Japan to learn Japanese and enter a university to study music. He had to put his full focus on preparing for the tough entrance exams; his last exam was today actually!

He recommended a good friend of his, who is also incredibly talented, to take over the burden of finishing CrossCode’s soundtrack. So, we are proud to announce that the new DLC will feature new music written by
はがね/STEEL_PLUS (Twitter)!

We know it took us a while, but as always we wanted to tune all those little knobs close to perfection. What came out of it is something we’re very proud of. Thanks for all the support and allowing us to cramp everything in the DLC that we wanted. We did also try to incorporate feedback regarding the difficulty of puzzles (especially those that required precise timings). Once the DLC hits, please let us know what you think of them and the new puzzle element!

And with all that being said… see you again next week, for the release!

Finally some more CrossCode News!

Hello everyball!

It has been a long time and we’re finally back with a new update! We have news about the console versions as well as some words about the Post Game DLC release date.

Next steps for CrossCode on Consoles

CrossCode on consoles had a somewhat rocky release with a number of performance issues (especially on Switch). Luckily, most of the major issues have been fixed rather quickly! Unfortunately the certification of the patches for the different consoles took longer. At the time of writing, one patch is still in certification for the PlayStation 4. But we’re getting there. Work on following updates continues of course.

The next bigger update however will take a little longer. We have finally started on migrating to the latest build which means that we are also working on New Game Plus for the consoles. Due to the nature of how CrossCode runs on consoles (HTML5 inside a C++ application) this will take some time, as it requires additional testing of previously not included features. We are still quite optimistic to unleash the patch in 2020. But if you ask us for a specific date: No, we can’t tell you when exactly NG+ is ready for consoles. But it will happen!

As you may already know, in celebration of the CrossCode release for consoles, we teamed up with ININ Games to give you a special limited SteelBook release and a really nice Collector’s Edition! These two special non-retail versions of CrossCode are available for pre-order exclusively at the SLG Partner Store.

The Nintendo Switch Collector’s Edition is currently sold out, but there are still some couple of hundred copies of the SteelBook Edition left. The even more limited in numbers PS4 Editions are still available, both in the form of a Collector’s Edition – Limited to 1500 copies worldwide – and a PS4 SteelBook Edition.

All editions feature a sequential numbering, an individual number for each and every copy of the game, which shows off it’s exclusive nature in a really cool way! These editions will also feature a different (and reversible!) cover art than the regular retail version of the game.

Besides the console editions, we also have some good news for our PC fans. We are very happy that CrossCode will be given a physical PC release! As this version won’t be widely available at retail, the way to go if you’d like to own a PC copy of CrossCode will be to get it through the SLG Partner Store! The CrossCode PC Editions will be available as a SteelBook Edition, as well as a Collector’s Edition.

Next steps for the Post Game DLC

Work on the DLC continues! Here are few new impressions:

More progress on the new area! Things are still work in progress here!

A new location in the sky?

Look who is now in the game!

Now a little word about the release windows

In our last update we already mentioned that the release of the DLC will happen “hopefully this year”.
Since the console release was more distracting for us than expected and also because we keep underestimating the amount of work ahead, we’d like to move the release window a little bit further.

The new plan is to release the post-game DLC in early 2021.

We know this is a bummer for many – initially we aimed to release the DLC in time for the second anniversary of the PC release.

However, ultimately we want to make sure that the quality of the DLC will match the rest of the game and for that we’ll need a bit more time to bring the whole story to a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion.

Just remember: more time usually means a better result. That’s why we had to postpone CrossCode 6 times before this already.

We are sorry for the delay but also hope you understand.
It will be worth the wait!

Until next time!

CrossCode 1.3 – A new quest appears!

Hello everyball!

It finally happened: As of yesterday, CrossCode has been finally released for consoles worldwide! And with today’s release of version 1.3.0 we quickly follow up with a promise we made: an exclusive quest for the PC version!

Click to read more…

CrossCode Modding Shoutout: Autumn’s Genesis

Hello everyball!

With the CrossCode console release about to happen next week we’re now writing about something entirely different: CrossCode Modding projects

CrossCode Modding

To be frank: we never really designed CrossCode with modding in mind. But yet, it still happened – maybe because the JavaScript code base makes the game fairly accessible.
For several years now we’ve been watching a couple of smaller and larger modding projects appear over time. However, now is the first time the modding community actively organizes a whole event, so we thought we could help with a little shoutout.

If you are interested in the modding community in general, feel free to visit their Discord Server

However, before you continue installing and playing mods:

Important Disclaimer for CrossCode Mods

Modding projects are unofficial content and as such, we won’t be able to help you with any issue that may arise from installing and playing mods for CrossCode.

Be aware that installing mods can potentially break your save data, so it’s recommended to back up your saves before installing any modding project.

One option to back up your saves:

  • Start CrossCode and load the save you want to backup
  • Pressing F10
  • Save the text of the upper field into a text file

To import your save file again:

  • Start CrossCode and press F10
  • Insert the text of your save backup in the lower text field and press Submit
  • Your imported save will be the last save in your list of saves

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk events!

Autumn’s Genesis – Master Trials Score Attack!

Starting today you can participate in a very special challenge, taking on very strong variants of the game’s boss fights and try to get the best score!

Here’s how that will look like:

If this sounds exciting to you, you will find all the necessary information here:

Autumns Genesis Installation Guide and Rules for Participation

The event will last until September 1st, so there’s still plenty of time.

And that’s pretty much it!

Depending on how things go, we might be giving more shoutout to other CrossCode modding projects in the future. Until then, feel free to join the modding community and maybe start modding yourself!

Until next time!

CrossCode for Consoles to be released on July 9th!

The long wait is over. After countless requests we are finally ready to announce that CrossCode will soon be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On July 9th 2020 Lea will say “Hi” to new audiences.

Each console will have its own exclusive quest with its own little dungeon and bossfight. And since we thought that our loyal PC playerbase might feel left out: You’ll get a free update with your own exclusive quest as well!
And who knows? Maybe these quests are part of something bigger…

Physical and Collector’s Editions

There is more to announce: We have partnered up with ININ Games to release physical editions of CrossCode. The game will be available for Switch and PS4 in all major retail stores in Europe and North America starting from August 28 2020.

And for those who want to throw an extra amount of money at the game, preorders of the exclusive and limited SteelBook® and Collector’s Edition are available starting today only at Strictly Limited Games.