CrossCode Update #52
New Chipset, Autumn Area Expansion and More


I don’t have time for a proper introduction this time. There is so much content we added this week because of a certain deadline that is coming up! We created a map-layout for the autumn area and already implemented 3 maps from it. A new tileset has been created for the puzzle area. GIFs incoming!

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CrossCode Update #51
Boss Update, Puzzle Content, and lots of graphics


Another CrossUpdate. #51. Not as special as #50, I guess.

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened since last time. On the one hand, we worked on previous content such as the boss battle and the outer cargo ship region, bringing it very close to final completion.
On the other hand, we started something that has been due for a long time: finally more puzzle mechanics! Oh, also: graphics.

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CrossCode Update #50
Maps, Grinding Area and More


Wow, 50th update for CrossCode! A lot has happened over the last two weeks, including progress on an important scene and the grinding area, two new enemies and the map menu. So… Let’s get to it!

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CrossCode Update #49 – Action cutscenes, saving and more


We’re back with another update!

Since last time we have extended the plot with our very first action cutscenes (also featuring a new character), implemented a first prototype of the save system, worked on a concept for the new map menu, create first graphics for new enemies and more! Also, connected to that was a lot of engine work and a very successful application of effing MATH.

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CrossCode Update #48
Menu, Grinding Area and more!



This update is packed with new and neat content. We finished the basic functionality of the new item menu, made progress with the grinding area, added a new type of weather effect and got ourselves a new concept artist! So let’s get to it, shall we?

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