CrossCode DevLog #61
Puzzles, Food and a new Menu!


Another week, another update. We worked a lot on the puzzle area this time, increasing the size of it by 4 maps! Also we reveal the first set of usable items in CrossCode, started working on a new menu and finally we changed the name of our updates to “DevLog” to avoid further confusion about the actual updates on CrossCode!

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CrossCode Update #60
Feats, puzzles, music, and a new forum


Hi again! One week can be pretty short, indeed. We still managed to make progress with CrossCode, prepare the crowdfunding campaign, and even created a new forum for you!

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CrossCode Update #59
Kept you waiting huh?


Updates are here again!

We took quite the large break from writing updates but that does not mean we stopped improving and working on CrossCode! On the contrary. We planned out a lot of content not only for the game but also for the upcoming crowd-funding event. So let’s get right to it!

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Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2015!


We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
With lots of presents and stuff.


CrossCode Demo – Bugfixes

Hi everyone!

The important thing first: we finally updated the CrossCode Demo! The new version fixes several bugs and has small improvements here and there.
You can find the new version in our newly revamped webpage:

Also, we finally got a proper trailer:

Kudos to Taifuuni Advertising, who helped us a lot putting this trailer together!

So what changed in the new version? Just read on!

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