Gamescom 2015 Wrap-up


We’re back!

And oh man, that was one intense week. So many meetings, so many people, so much talking, so much… standing! Still, it was amazing! We met a whole bunch of great people, had so many nice conversations with players and other indie developers and of course: lots of fun!

And of course we want to share our experience. So this is our wrap-up post for Gamescom 2015!

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CrossCode at Gamescom


Gamescom will start tomorrow and we’ll be there!

This post just summarizes all important things about our presence at gamescom!

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DevLog #69: “Last Minute Heroes”-Raffle, Gamescom 2015 and next Milestone 0.3.0


Get Early Access for CrossCode on Steam

Welcome everyone to our newest DevLog, as usual later than expected. Yeah, sorry for that!

This time we will finally announce the “Last Minute Heroes”-Raffle (which is also long overdue at this point), our attendance at this years Gamescom in Cologne and our next Milestone!

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Released CrossCode Version 0.2.1!


Get Early Access for CrossCode on Steam

It’s finally done! The Early Access Version of CrossCode has been updated to Version 0.2.1!

Your game will automatically update via Steam.

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DevLog #68 – Closing in to version 0.2


Oh dear, have over 2 weeks passed again? Sorry, we’ve been doing gamedev so hard we didn’t notice… Anyway, we’re getting close to the version 0.2 release which will come with a good amount of new content! Read on for more details.

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