Hotfix Release: Version 0.3.5-2


We just release the hotfix release 0.3.5-2.

It fixes a couple of issues such as mapping glitches and issues with new colored treasure chests. It also moves a particular NPC to a different location.

Your steam version should be updated automatically. Indiegogo backers will find the DRM-free release in CrossCentral.

Release of version 0.3.5 with Landmarks!


Aaand it’s out! We just released a small update to version 0.3.5 that introduces Landmarks and several bugfixes / small additions.

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Devlog #71: Milestone 0.4 and other updates


Hey everyone!

Some time has passed since our last DevLog – that also means there is a lot new stuff we can show you! First, you can expect another small release this week! Version 0.3.5 will fix some remaining quest bugs and also introduce the landmark and teleportation feature! And then, for end of November you can expect the release of milestone 0.4 with a new village and a complete new dungeon!

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CrossCode Version 0.3.0 Release! (+ 0.3.1 + 0.3.2)


Here we go! We finally release the next Early Access Version 0.3 of CrossCode! This release comes with major changes and additions, a longer story, and one major feature update: the quest system! Your Steam Version will update automatically. Our Indiegogo backers will find the new DRM free version at

You can get the Steam Early Access version here!
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DevLog #70: Milestone 0.3.0, Quest Menu, Story Progression and Bergen Trail Expansion


Welcome everyone, to our first regular DevLog in over a month!

Yeah, there has been a lot going on in terms of events, so we need to make up for the lack of regular CrossCode-updates now: We’ll tell you about the 0.3.0 Milestone and it’s release date, show off our fancy new Quest Menu, first glimpses of the Story progress and also the expansion of Bergen Trail!

So let’s get going!
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