CrossCode 0.6.1 with bugfixes


Today we release CrossCode version 0.6.1 that fixes most of the bugs reported by you so far!

For instance, you’re finally not stuck in that one puzzle up there!

Also, Carla now won’t crash the game anymore, when you ask for some shopping! …That’s because we removed the shopping option.
Well, there’s still all those shops in Bergen, Ba’kii Kum and Rookie Harbor, right? Go give ‘em some business!

As always, thanks to everyone for sending us the reports!
And now, onward to 0.7!

CrossCode 0.6 Release!


Welcome everyone and welcome back to this special occasion!

How special? Major new CrossCode-Release special! Version 0.6 has been released and with it one of the largest chunks of content we have ever released in one update! Lea will need to keep her cool to dish out some just deserts in the steaming hot new content!
But we better describe the new stuff properly before the sentence becomes too silly (too late).

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CrossCode: Hi-lights of the Week


The last steps before Version 0.6!

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CrossCode DevLog: Next Milestone and new Portraits


Hello everyone!

Our last updated from April 1st included a couple of changes we decided to undo after all. :P
All joking aside though, there is a little bit of truth to the whole story: We do plan to improve the portraits!
Also: today we announce the release date for Milestone 0.6 and tell you what you can expect.

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CrossCode 0.5.2 Release! Including new Potraits and awesome Sound Effects


Hello everyone!

It’s the start of a new month and some of you might have already predicted it. That’s right, a new release! This one is smaller but includes some important changes! So let’s get right into this.

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