CrossCode will leave Early Access on September 20!

(Note: this artwork is still work-in-progress)

It’s official now!

After almost 7 years of development
and over 3 years of Early Access,
CrossCode will finally hit Version 1.0 on September 20, 2018!!

Which by the way is still totally in Summer!

What to expect

The full release will be huge and by far the biggest update the game has had so far.

Here is a list of things you can expect from CrossCode 1.0:

  • The complete main story with at least twice the amount of cutscenes
  • Awesome and dramatic plot moments™
  • A complete new area + dungeon + several extensions in existing areas
  • Rhombus Square – the largest city of the game
  • New party members!
  • Over 9 new enemy types + more variations
  • Over 13 new boss fight and other major battles
  • About 12 new quests
  • Several menu improvements and QoL additions
  • A complete German translation
  • Countless other small improvements/changes

Also hopefully less buggy than previous major releases, since we do some internal testing this time!

Other features that we still hope to finish but are not 100% certain yet:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards

We will try our best to implement these in time for the 1.0 release. If we won’t make it, however, you can expect these features to be added very soon in a follow-up update. Don’t worry about achievements, the game already tracks all achievements internally, so you will still get all the Steam achievements you already collected before the update.

Soundtrack Release

CrossCode 1.0 will also come with over 20 new music tracks! With this, the complete soundtrack will include a total of 64 tracks. And of course you will be able to buy that one, too!


(Album artwork by Nemuri)

The Original Soundtrack of CrossCode will be released together with version 1.0! Available on Steam and Bandcamp!

If you like the music of CrossCode and would like to support our composer Deniz ‘Intero’ Akbulut, you can already preorder the soundtrack on Bandcamp today!

Beyond Version 1.0

Development on CrossCode won’t stop right at the 1.0 release. There are several feature and content we promised and we plan to keep that promise.

Most of the following content will be released as a free update after the 1.0 release:

  • A New Game+ mode that allows you to restart the game in a special manner (details still open)
  • Several additional NPCs, quests, and enemies that we promised to our Indiegogo backers
  • The Last Minute Hero Guild that (ironically) we decided not to implement in the last minute.
  • More maps for Rhombus Square and a few more quests that didn’t quite make it for version 1.0
  • The Arena in Rhombus Square! The least you can expect is a boss rush mode among other things!

Beyond that, we have a long, long list of stupid ideas and other content we’d love to add to the game, most likely as a DLC of sorts. But this of course depends on how the release will work out. So no promises on that yet!

…And that’s pretty much it!
Now it’s time for the final phase of development!

Until next time!

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + July To Do List Update


Hello everyball!

The sun is currently BURNING over here in Germany… relatively speaking at least. So far we had an unexpectedly hot summer and it doesn’t exactly help for the development. Still, we kept working and made some good progress in July. And now it’s time for another progress report!

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CrossCode: About the Release, Gamescom and Discounts

Hello everyball!

We have a small update outside of our usual schedule for you!

About the Release

Things are more or less fixed now.

That’s why we’re happy to announce:
CrossCode 1.0 will be released in September 2018!!

We’ll have a bigger announcement with the exact release date around the beginning of August with all the bling and shing, but September is locked-in for sure!

Gamescom 2018

We will once again attend Gamescom in Cologne, Germany! We won’t have a booth, but will be strolling around as visitors on Tuesday (Business day) and Wednesday! If you want to meetup and maybe get a CrossCode sticker, let us know, best via Twitter (DMs are open) or in our Discord Server.

To Hell with Hell Loyalty Discount

Finally: Thanks to your publisher Deck13 we have a little Loyalty Discount for To Hell with Hell!
This means that any owner of CrossCode on Steam will receive a 10% discount (in addition to the current 20% discount) for To Hell with Hell! Just in case anyone is interesting in helping out Natasia down there… in hell. It’s a classic Bullet Hell rogue-like crawler with juicy pixelart still in Early Access!

And that’s all for now! More details in August!

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + June To Do List Update


Hello everyball!

June has been one month of 100% CrossCode gamedev. And as a result, we made a lot of progress! Getting really close!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + May To Do List Update


Hello everyball!

May is already over so it’s time to update that To Do list and talk about recent progress! Also a short recap of last month’s events and more!

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