CrossCode Update #56 Megaton and CrossWeek Results


Hello again!

CrossWeek is over and boy it has been a blast. I never thought we could create/design/polish so much things in just 6 days. We even planned out a lot of new things we will show you over the next few updates. So this is going to be a longer post, since we also need to compensate for the last update. Also, in this update we’ll announce the demo release date! Sitting comfortable? Having something to bite next to you? Alright, let’s rock!

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Off to CrossWeek we go!


Our team meeting in Hannover begins now!
We’ll have one week of continuous CrossCode development!

Stay tuned for lots of updates!

CrossCode Update #55 Graphics, more graphics and keyboard configuration


Hi everybody, we’re back with another update!

Unfortunately there is not too much to show this time around. That doesn’t mean nothing happened, though. In fact we created a lot of graphics. But since nothing is properly integrated yet, there is a lack of fancy screenshots. Still, we have a couple of gif animations for you!

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CrossCode Update #54
New Menu, Story Progress and More


Alright, back to the old two week update cycle! And we got some awesome things in store. We added a new menu that will help you customize the game, made huge progress with the story, started talking about balancing and added some new gameplay bits. Spoiler: Special Attacks!

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CrossCode Update #53
Content, Critical Damage and a drowning Lea


We’re back! And yes, we’re one week late. Since the last update many team member have been missing due to several trips (vacation and business wise). Thus, we waited another week to get more content together. And this is what we got for you: First, we added water, hidden treasures and a little boss in the autumn area. Second, we created a first test dungeon using all the puzzle elements and graphics of the previous updates. And then: critical damage, sound playback improvements and more.

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