CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Events


We’re about to enter May so it’s time to talk about recent progress and upcoming releases!

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CrossCode now with Voice Acting!


Note: the Voice Acting Feature was a prank for April Fools Day. Read more about it at the end of the post

Today we have a very special release for you! CrossCode version 0.9.1 now adds Voice Acting for most of the main characters. That’s right: You can now listen to the voice of Lea, Emilie, Sergey, Apollo and many other characters!

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CrossCode: Krys’kajo Boss Contest Results + Hotfix Releases


About two weeks ago, we released CrossCode version 0.9 and, once again, hold a small contest for everyone to beat the new boss enemy within a week and send us a video of it. And today we announce the winner! Also, a small note on recent hotfix releases

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CrossCode 0.9 Final Jungle Temple + C’Tron + Quests

It’s done! Just in time. Today we release CrossCode Version 0.9 as promised in February! This updates comes with another new dungeon, a very big circuit update, a new party member, lots of quests and many, many more features, improvements, and additions!
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CrossCode Version 0.9 to be released TOMORROW!

Quick news! We now target to release CrossCode Version 0.9 tomorrow, February 27.

The release will likely be late in the evening (Central European Time) and may swap over to February 28 in the worst case, but things are looking good so far.

The release will come with a new dungeon and boss fight so get ready for another contest!