About E3 2015 and IndiesCrashE3


Just a quick post to clarify something a lot of people might be wondering about.

With E3 2015 just around the corner a lot of people might be wondering whatever happened to IndiesCrashE3 and their IndieClicker minigame. Back then we were able to secure a place among the Top5 and would therefore be able to get a ticket to this years E3. Right?

Well, in truth there are a few problems regarding that.

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DevLog #67 – Wiki, Caves and Weird Trees!


We’re slightly late. Sorry everyone! DevLog. Now. We present the new CrossCode Wiki and a lot of progress, including the new Bergen Trail area with weird trees and caves.

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Announcement! Changes to Free Demo next week!


With this post we want to inform everyone that we are going to have some changes for the demo that is available for free right now.

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DevLog #66 – Building a town and raising mountains


Time for another DevLog! We will start with announcing our next Milestone for Version 0.2 planned for release in early July. And then we show you what we have done so far with lots of pretty imagery.

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CrossCode now on Steam in Early Access!


Yes, we did it. Enter the hype.

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