German localisation & the first Indiegogo updates


Good day to our dearest supporters and those who might one day be among them!

Our Indiegogo campaign has been running for about a week and has already been met with some amazing support, which we are very thankful for! Of course, we are far from done and still need all the help we can get to reach our goal, so please continue to spread the word!
During the crowdfunding campaign a lot of things will be different than usual, namely the way these updates are released. We are trying to release new updates on Indiegogo almost daily and give a short synopsis of those on here as well, which means irregular but more frequent blogposts. The first few updates will be covered at the end of this very post.

Before that though, we will announce a very special new release of the game:

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Crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo!!!


Greetings, our fellow ball-lovers!

IT IS TIME! Again!

We are very glad to announce that the much awaited crowdfunding campaign of CrossCode has finally been launched on Indiegogo. And of course, with it comes an expanded and improved demo for your playing pleasure!

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CrossCode DevLog #64
Steam Greenlight is going amazing!


Alright! DevLog on Monday again (more or less). Getting closer to the original schedule. Also stuff happened:
Steam Greenlight is running like crazy, we had our awesome livestream with Dekay on Saturday and all the while we still made progress with CrossCode! I’m not even sure how we managed to do that!

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CrossCode DevLog #63
Steam Greenlight and date for Indiegogo Campaign


Time for another DevLog! You can now find CrossCode on two new platforms: Steam Greenlight and Gamejolt. Also, we finally have a date for our Indiegogo Campaign. Of course, we also got new content for you, including a new boss fight.

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CrossCode DevLog #62
Menu, More Food, Parallax and Shops!


Welcome back!

This week we have created a simple shop to use in the upcoming update, an awesome animation for consumables, added parallax layers and fixed tons of smaller issues. We also remixed the exploration area so that you can progress a bit faster while looting all the treasure!

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