CrossCode now on Steam in Early Access!


Yes, we did it. Enter the hype.

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DevLog #65 – Role Play Convention (RPC) in Cologne, Rookie Harbor and Animated Map Tiles


Hello everyone!

It’s about time for another DevLog. Now that the Indiegogo campaign is over, we will  go for a weekly update schedule – and sometimes biweekly if too much stuff is going on. That’s the case right now. Sorry for the wait!

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CrossCode funded!! Also CrossCentral, future development, CrossOvers and another shoutout


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Greetings everyone!

We’re finally back to doing updates primarily here on this blog and we’ll celebrate this and something else with a huge new post!

First of we’ll be talking about the result of our Indiegogo campaign, how we’ll keep track of all our generous supporters with something called CrossCentral and of course the future development of the project.

We’ll also show you some planned CrossOvers with other projects and finally have another shoutout to a project still doing crowdfunding.

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Indiegogo last day, “The Last Minute Heroes” Raffle, IndiesCrashE3 Reminder, Press&Youtube Roll and Ludum Dare Shoutout


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Hello everyone! Do you also smell this? Yes, it is the delicious smell of our goal that is now so close that you can almost taste it!

Thanks to your amazing support, we’ve now passed the 90% line and are preparing to also get the last 6k€ on our final day!

In this update we’ll tell you about a special event to make the run for the deadline more interesting! There’s also a reminder of the IndiesCrashE3 contest, another large Press and Youtube Roll and a shoutout to the Ludum Dare sideproject of one of our teammembers.

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Indiegogo Final Sprint


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Less than a week until Indiegogo is over – and this is the final deadline!

Yes, the goal still seems far away – but anything can change during the last days.

And you know what? If we reach 70,000€ by the end of this week we might just be able to make it work~

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