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CrossCode: 5th CrossWeek Completed!

The 5th CrossWeek just happened and after 6 days of intensive full-time CrossCode development we’re now back with a lot of new stuff to show!

CrossCode Release Schedule and more

Hello everyball! So November is about to end and some of you are probably waiting for news about the next update. Well, here they are! And not only that, we also plan to talk about planned future updates and finally answer the big question: When will there be more Story?

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Contest Winner

It has been some time, so let’s talk about recent progress! But first: time to conclude the Zir’Vitar Boss Contest!

CrossCode 0.8.1 squashing some bugs!

As always, every major release comes with a number of bugs. Version 0.8.1 – once again – squashes a good amount of those! Some things that we fixed and improved: No more crashes when attacking ectovolts with icicles. A few improvements and general balancing of puzzles in Zir’vitar Temple. No more pushing down immobile enemies […]

CrossCode: Version 0.8 to be released… tomorrow!

Are you ready for CrossCode 0.8? Because, you know, we are. Almost. We actually might release one day early. We hope to wrap up the final tests today/tomorrow and that means we will probably release CrossCode 0.8 just about when Sunday starts (Central European Time). Also, expect another Dungeon Runner Contest for the new Zir’vitar […]