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CrossCode confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Now as it turns out, Hedgehags learned to fly! And thus, CrossCode is now confirmed to be release for Nintendo Switch sometime this year together with exclusive content, probably something involving those Flying Hedgehags. And since some people already asked about it: We did not forget about the PS4 port. It’s still being worked on! […]

CrossCode Update #45
It’s GIF time!

Alright, last update before the CrossWeek! We finished our editor for animations and have some more or less interesting animations for you. We also started implementing the new tutorial boss enemy and added some nice new ball effects. Lastly we baked the game again, which is kinda like creating a release version.

What Is An Investigation Paper Outline

Query i published an analysis article around the movie gladiator but my teacher told me that its extremely negative, he provided me a listing of items to contain in the article but-its still incredibly unclear how add it-all in the article please enable me re-write this therefore I could ideally get an A+ report, and […]