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State & future of our Indiegogo campaign, SxSW résumé and something fancy

Support CrossCode on Indiegogo! Good evening once again. I hope that you are up for a huge update, because this one will consist of two of the latest Indiegogo-updates at once! We will brief you about how we’ll handle the rest of our Indiegogo campaign, our experiences at SxSW and show a fancy promotional sprite and […]

Release 0.1.5, contest discussion & a special announcement

Support CrossCode on Indiegogo! And there we are again. Hello everyone! We got a new update for you and the last one isn’t even a day old. You might call it madness, but we call it CrossCode! Good thing there are no bottomless pits around. It’s quite a small one, though, so let’s speed through it.

First CrossCode fanart contest & Indiegogo updates

A happy new week to everyone! Today we have a special announcement to make, involving you. Yes, YOU, our fans! Because we are planning to do the first official “CrossCode Fanart Contest”!

German localisation & the first Indiegogo updates

Good day to our dearest supporters and those who might one day be among them! Our Indiegogo campaign has been running for about a week and has already been met with some amazing support, which we are very thankful for! Of course, we are far from done and still need all the help we can […]

Crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo!!!

Greetings, our fellow ball-lovers! IT IS TIME! Again! We are very glad to announce that the much awaited crowdfunding campaign of CrossCode has finally been launched on Indiegogo. And of course, with it comes an expanded and improved demo for your playing pleasure!