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CrossCode Version 0.7 Release on June 20 + Last Minute Hero Results

Small update! To make sure we have everything finished and working well for the next update we need to postpone the release by another two days. Version 0.7 will be released on Monday, June 20!

Faj’ro Temple Boss Contest Results

Yeah, we’re kinda late! Sorry about that. We’ve drawn the winner of the contest already several weeks ago during a gamedev stream. And now we finally announce it!

Results of the Boss Contest

Less then two weeks ago we released CrossCode version 0.4 and had a small competition about who defeats the boss of the new Temple Mine Dungeon first. And here are the results!

Official Indiegogo extension, results of the Fanart Contest and VoxMakers stream

Support CrossCode on Indiegogo! We begin with an important announcement: It’s official! Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been extended for another 30 days. Now it’ll end on the 26th of April! Let’s keep it up with the great support and make it count! We also got the long-awaited results of the first CrossCode Fanart Contest, […]

Fanart Contest over, polished Indiegogo description, a special plan and CrossCode across Europe!

Support CrossCode on Indiegogo! Good [fitting part of day] everyone! The CrossCode Fanart Contest has officially ended. We want to thank everyone who sent us their works, we are truly impressed how many great artists are among you! We’ll review everything as a team and give out the results in the next update! That of […]