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CrossCode Release Trailer + 0.9.8-8 Update

The new release trailer is out, once again made by MultiMedia AMDG and featuring Animations by VanAnimation (Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt)! It includes a few clips of new content but we made sure not to spoil the big surprises! Live Stream on Release Day We’ve been doing gamedev streams now for over 3 years resulting in […]

CrossCode will leave Early Access on September 20!

(Note: this artwork is still work-in-progress) It’s official now! After almost 7 years of development and over 3 years of Early Access, CrossCode will finally hit Version 1.0 on September 20, 2018!! Which by the way is still totally in Summer! What to expect The full release will be huge and by far the biggest […]

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + July To Do List Update

Hello everyball! The sun is currently BURNING over here in Germany… relatively speaking at least. So far we had an unexpectedly hot summer and it doesn’t exactly help for the development. Still, we kept working and made some good progress in July. And now it’s time for another progress report!

CrossCode: About the Release, Gamescom and Discounts

Hello everyball! We have a small update outside of our usual schedule for you! About the Release Things are more or less fixed now. That’s why we’re happy to announce: CrossCode 1.0 will be released in September 2018!! We’ll have a bigger announcement with the exact release date around the beginning of August with all […]

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + June To Do List Update

Hello everyball! June has been one month of 100% CrossCode gamedev. And as a result, we made a lot of progress! Getting really close!