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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + 0.8 Release Date

Hello everyball! End of September is drawing close and we promised an update to version 0.8. We’ll keep that promise… with just a few days delay! The release of version 0.8 is scheduled for October 3, 2016!

CrossCode: Hi-lights of the Week

The last steps before Version 0.6!

CrossCode: Hi-lights of the Week

Some of us got sick this week, but we did stuff anyway!

CrossCode: Hi-lights of the Week

We missed the last week, but return with fantastical new stuff this time. Let’s get right to it!

Devlog #71: Milestone 0.4 and other updates

Hey everyone! Some time has passed since our last DevLog – that also means there is a lot new stuff we can show you! First, you can expect another small release this week! Version 0.3.5 will fix some remaining quest bugs and also introduce the landmark and teleportation feature! And then, for end of November […]