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DevLog #70: Milestone 0.3.0, Quest Menu, Story Progression and Bergen Trail Expansion

Welcome everyone, to our first regular DevLog in over a month! Yeah, there has been a lot going on in terms of events, so we need to make up for the lack of regular CrossCode-updates now: We’ll tell you about the 0.3.0 Milestone and it’s release date, show off our fancy new Quest Menu, first […]

DevLog #68 – Closing in to version 0.2

Oh dear, have over 2 weeks passed again? Sorry, we’ve been doing gamedev so hard we didn’t notice… Anyway, we’re getting close to the version 0.2 release which will come with a good amount of new content! Read on for more details.

DevLog #67 – Wiki, Caves and Weird Trees!

We’re slightly late. Sorry everyone! DevLog. Now. We present the new CrossCode Wiki and a lot of progress, including the new Bergen Trail area with weird trees and caves.

DevLog #66 – Building a town and raising mountains

Time for another DevLog! We will start with announcing our next Milestone for Version 0.2 planned for release in early July. And then we show you what we have done so far with lots of pretty imagery.

CrossCode DevLog #64
Steam Greenlight is going amazing!

Alright! DevLog on Monday again (more or less). Getting closer to the original schedule. Also stuff happened: Steam Greenlight is running like crazy, we had our awesome livestream with Dekay on Saturday and all the while we still made progress with CrossCode! I’m not even sure how we managed to do that!