DevLog #68 – Closing in to version 0.2

Oh dear, have over 2 weeks passed again? Sorry, we’ve been doing gamedev so hard we didn’t notice… Anyway, we’re getting close to the version 0.2 release which will come with a good amount of new content! Read on for more details.

State of the Milestone 0.2

Our goal for version 0.2 was quite ambitious. We planned to “complete” two new locations: the town “Rookie Harbor” and the exploration area “Bergen Trail”. In addition we wanted to implement Achievements and Quests.

… Yes, it was ambitious and of course we didn’t quite make it. You will be able to enter the new locations, even though they won’t be fully complete. As for quests and achievements: we unfortunately didn’t get around extending the necessary menus, so we have to postpone those features to the next version.

Version 0.2 will be released next Monday, July 6!

WARNING: The next version will change a lot of item-related things. That’s why your old saves won’t be compatible with the new version. Sorry!

Progress Summary

To get an impression on what happened since the last update, here a very short summary with pictures!


We added NPCs to Rookie Harbor. This includes graphics for over 20 new types of NPCs!


The market places in Rookie Harbor are also much more detailed, featuring actual traders and holograms… because future.


Obviously you’ll be able to enter some houses. We added a lot of new details to the interior tileset. This is the town’s consumable item shop.


Bergen Trail happened. So far we created a total of 8 new maps featuring some amazing cliff structures.


And with cliffs you obviously also get background panoramas. We even added some nice parallax effects.


When you continue to the north, snow will start to fall giving the area an entirely different look.


In Bergen Trail you’ll find a number of new enemies including these Frobbits that will kick you real hard.


…and of course, penguins!


…and also those seahorse/moskito… things. Bubbles!


On the feature side, we at least added a item panel for “New Items”. That’s especially useful if you just missed what item you just collected from a chest or whatnot.

… And that summarizes the most important things!

For the final release we plan to create a couple more maps, improve the trading options in Rookie Harbor, further polish the enemies, and maybe add a couple of scripted quests (without the proper quest feature).

Even though you won’t quite get what we planned, we still hope you look forward to the 0.2 Early Access release!

Until next week!


  • Someone on July 1, 2015 at 6:48 am said:

    Looks awesome! My only complaint are the holograms in Rookie Harbor. The floating item-thingies are cool, but the signs.. they just don’t look right.

  • Awesome ! I’m really looking forward to playing it :3
    Good job guys !

  • Are there any news with regards to the Linux version? Can we expect it for 0.2.x?

  • lebanal on July 1, 2015 at 1:52 pm said:

    In the 0.2 version, do you have plan linux compatibility ?

  • And there is no Possibility to not-lost my save? :( now im sad, I dont wanna play again 4hours from known content :| but, I let surprise me

    • Well that game is in Early Access, so at some point we have to wipe saves. That’s part of the program. It will happen again since the autumn area was made specifically for the old long demo. Part of this is because the chest content as well as the maps changed a lot. You wont find that much equipment anymore. Instead there more emphasize on the trading. But don’t worry, all the items are still there!

  • AsisKotsuro on July 4, 2015 at 4:35 pm said:

    Is there any implimentation in the future there going to be connectivity for PS3 controllers? I don’t really have a Xbox controller so it’ll be rather difficult, and I REALLY love this game for what it is, i’d been waiting for a game like this for the longest time, and so far it has everything I could have ever wanted and more!

    • Sorry, I can’t say for sure. The problem is that we’re using an Web API called Gamepad API which is the only way to connect a gamepad to the game in browser. This API only supports XInput Devices since its widely used and Sony didn’t think of adding a simple interface to the PS3 Controller. However, there is a tool I always use which is kind of a driver. Search for DS3 XInput Wrapper in Google and you’ll find it :)

      • AsisKotsuro on July 5, 2015 at 5:00 am said:

        Yeah, that’s what I usually use, but I just wanted to make sure of it. That’s a shame that you guys can’t, I guess i’ll keep on using my same old methods

  • Goldsonic25 on July 6, 2015 at 1:43 am said:

    So I was wondering, you say that we are going to lose our previous save file on steam, but if we started playing before steam. does that mean the isolated program will lose it’s data too?

  • ForsakenFox on July 6, 2015 at 5:06 pm said:

    Always nice to check out and witness some progress on the game you put a lot of hopes and enthusiasm into.
    Not like I would be upset about loosing a save at that early state since I’ll just be able to play some more CrossCode then xD
    Get ready! Tonight we throw some balls!

  • Wollnashorn on July 7, 2015 at 1:21 pm said:

    This looks so awesome!
    It’s very great to see how fast you guys add content to the game and fill the world with details :)
    I especially like the Bergen Trail area, with its background panorama and colors it’s just really beautiful.
    The new enemies are awesome, too.

    Has anyone of your team got a Raspberry Pi 2? Maybe you could make Cross Code running on them, as the default browser of Raspbian supports HTML5

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