Devlog #71: Milestone 0.4 and other updates

Hey everyone!

Some time has passed since our last DevLog – that also means there is a lot new stuff we can show you! First, you can expect another small release this week! Version 0.3.5 will fix some remaining quest bugs and also introduce the landmark and teleportation feature! And then, for end of November you can expect the release of milestone 0.4 with a new village and a complete new dungeon!

The Landmark Release (0.3.5)

Exploring CrossWorlds and doing all those quests really comes with some serious walking and back tracking – which takes time. We added NPCs that help you get around a bit more quickly, but we now got something better in store for you: the landmark feature!

With the new version 0.3.5 you’ll be able to discover landmarks throughout CrossWorlds:


Those landmarks will be marked on your map and you will be able to teleport to them directly from any location:


Not only that, you can also reach different areas through the new worldmap view!


That should help you to get around much quicker – no more tedious backtracking!

The landmark feature + several more (quest related) bugfixes will be released with Version 0.3.5 this week!

A new Village and Dungeon

You already know Bergen and probably managed to climb that mountain as high as currently possible. And what will you find on its peak? Bergen Village.


It’s an entirely new village with buildings, shops, NPCs and quest. Oh, and also: a dungeon.

That’s right, you will finally get another dungeon with more puzzles. And you could say it will be the first proper dungeon of the game, which has a decent length and doesn’t feel too much like a mere introduction.

Introducing: the Bergen Mine.


Bergen Mine comes with a lot of new puzzle mechanics you haven’t seen before, such as…

New rail-based moving platforms!

Locks and key balls!


Heat Balls, Ice and… more bombs!

And finally: sliding blocks!

You can also expect several new enemies:


And one hell of a boss fight!

Here a very small excerpt:

You can expect Bergen Village and the new dungeon for version 0.4 to be released end of November.

Awesome Crowdfunding campaigns

We again reserved this spot to present two currently running crowdfunding campaigns worth your attention.

The first one is Individisible.

This game is by Lab Zero, the developer of Skulls Girls, and it is pretty much a homage to Valkyrie Profile. That means you got 2D platforming combined with a strongly action-oriented combat system which is all about combos and timing. It’s awesome! And as expected from Lab Zero, you get some amazingly drawn 2D animation with it. The best thing: Pretty much like CrossCode, it comes with a playable prototype. And also like CrossCode: it’s on Indiegogo… and their goal of 1,5 million $ is clearly ambitious and with only 13 days left it still got a lot of work ahead of it. But remember: It’s fixed funding so you will get your money back if the goal is not reached. Definitely worth to be backed!

And second, we got Bertram Fiddle.

This is for all the fans of the point and click genre. It is set in old Victorian London, comes with a unique art style and “punbelievably bad jokes”. The campaign has only 3 days left and is pretty close to its goal!

…And that’s all for today’s Devlog. Expect another short post soon for version 0.3.5 and stay tuned for the big release of milestone 0.4!


  • If we get any further into the game, when is it possible to unlock new skills? In the latest version 0.3.2 now we can use the “element” trees, but the most upgrades are for focus. I don’t think that it’s intended for the final game, or? And am I right, that the upgrades are only active when the element is used? For example I activate ATK +4% and Focus +4% two times in the “fire tree” the effect is only available, when the fire element is activated, correctly?. So it makes no sense to upgrade the “bolt tree” for example, because the bolt/lightning element isn’t still usable. In the “neutral tree” there are some skills also not implemented (Element Shield for example) since the first demo version of the game. So if the enemies got stronger when it’s planed to unlock new skills? Stronger fire attacks for example? Most time I only use the neutral moves because the special attacks are only usable in the neutral tree at this point. But I wan’t to shot a fire Kame-Hame-Ha to the Snowman to melt him ^^

  • Hi Mathias,
    the fact that you can use the “element” trees in 0.3.2 is in fact a bug. You should not be able to select them. It’s probably an issue since you used a save slot from the old version.

    You will be able to use the heat element tree starting with verson 0.4. Of course the tree will have skills other than “Focus+”.
    You’re right that the stat upgrades of the elemental circuits are only active for that element. That also means that you can have focus on other stats depending on the element.

    Of course you’ll get combat arts for the elemental trees as well – and there will also be stronger moves for the neutral tree, though I’m not sure we’ll be able to do this for the 0.4 release.

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