CrossCode 0.5.2 Release! Including new Potraits and awesome Sound Effects


Hello everyone!

It’s the start of a new month and some of you might have already predicted it. That’s right, a new release! This one is smaller but includes some important changes! So let’s get right into this.

New Potraits

Creating such a large game with all these different kinds of characters made us realize something: We have to create tons of portraits graphics including multiple expressions, special poses and so on. Doing this for all these characters you’ll find is quite the task. So we thought: “Hey, why don’t we just simplify the workload by reducing the amounts of expressions and focus on important stuff instead?” I think you all agree that this is the best for us to make sure we can finish the game on time.

So let’s put it in writing:

Today we announce that we reduce the amount of facial expression because we realized there are just too many of them!

We’re super exited and think you will all like these a lot. With this update we updated Lea, Shizuka, Sergey and Carla! Here, take a look:




As you can see we tried our best to improve on the criticism we occasionally receive from player regarding our portraits. What do you all think?

I know some of you think: That’s all? You reduce the graphics and make them look prettier and that’s all? Well, of course not! Because…

New Sound Effects

Teflo has been working all night and day to create new sound effects which we think fit much much better than the ones we had before. The previous sounds just didn’t fit in and sounded almost bland compared to the new ones. We never thought we would achieve this kind of immersions just by improving sounds, so please try them.

You can download the new version of CrossCode via Steam right now or DRM-free versions when you backed the game on Indiegogo! We’re eager to hear your opinion on our new portraits and the sounds!

See you all soon!

The Radical Fish Dev Team.


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