CrossCode 0.6 Release!


Welcome everyone and welcome back to this special occasion!

How special? Major new CrossCode-Release special! Version 0.6 has been released and with it one of the largest chunks of content we have ever released in one update! Lea will need to keep her cool to dish out some just deserts in the steaming hot new content!
But we better describe the new stuff properly before the sentence becomes too silly (too late).

New Area: Maroon Valley

The last update ended with the snowy Mt. Bergen and the freezing cold of its Temple Mine, so what would be best for Lea to recover her frozen nose? Of course, a desert! Introducing our huge new area, Maroon Valley.



As you’d expect from a desert, it is not only dry but also has less differences in altitudes compared to a mountain. That didn’t stop us from including many devilish jumping puzzles that have to be solved to find all the precious treasures hidden on the scorching sands!


But it’s not all dry and bleak. The oasis might be among the prettiest places we’ve ever created so far!


And of course we couldn’t fill it with Snowmen and Penguins (those belong on snowy mountains, Watson), so also included is an entire set of new enemies!


Meet cute scorpions and all their friends! And quickly find their weak points because blind attacks aren’t gonna cut it.

All in all, this area alone is huuuge and will keep you occupied for a long time, if you want to uncover all its secrets. But of course there is more…

New Settlement: Ba’kii Kum

Ba’kii Kum is the latest settlement to go with the new area. An old city in the desert mixed with some new technology and mostly inhabited by the thus unseen natives of the planet in CrossWorlds: The Shad.




As of this update the city is still lacking in interior areas, NPCs and quests but the outside is already completed. It also has a lot of traders with entirely new items that will help you brave the new challenges!

New Dungeon: Faj’ro Temple

Yes, there is also an entirely new dungeon in this release, complete with enemies, puzzles with new mechanics and new abilities to unlock. So to progress, Lea has to explore the Faj’ro Temple, build by the Ancients a long time ago and, unlike the Temple Mine, untouched by human hand.




The main theme this time is water in all its states. You will have to move it as floating bubbles, power mechanisms with steam, freeze it to create platforms…



You will see that water can not only be the source of life but also of brain-wrecking puzzles.

Which also brings us to the big treasure of this new area: The second element, Cold!


A completely new skill tree and 4 new Combat Arts are at your disposal to defeat puzzles and enemies alike!

… And then, there is the boss. Again, we’ll leave it to you to find out what waits at the end of Faj’ro Temple! In fact, we again have a small contest for you! Read more on that further below.

Finalized Shop Menu

For a long time we had a very bare bones shop menu where you could only buy one item at a time and also not sell anything. Well, these times are over. Shopping is now just as familiar as browsing through your favorite online store. Find an item you like? Put in the amount you want in you cart and buy everything in a bulk with a nice list of what you’re buying.


Selling works exactly the same with the only difference being that you get money and not lose it.


Speaking of money, trading is a vital part of CrossCode for getting equipment with all kinds of modifiers. Something we wanted to add from the start now finally found its way into the game: having a fee for trading. This was part of a new wave of balancing additions to make sure you don’t have too much or not enough of something.

Quests and more

As with most of our updates this one contains a bunch of new quests, items and lore. Most of the new quests can be found in Rookie Harbor or Bergen, but you can also find new ones in Bergen Trail and Autumn’s Rise.

And speaking of Autumn’s Rise. Remember all the cargo crew members you could find in the area? We finally got around and removed/replaced them. Everyone except Carla, so you can still reset your skill trees. This also means that the captain quest, the Old Observatory and the Blue Weird Guy are gone. But fret not as we plan to bring their quests back in a better fashion. Expect some beefy changes to the Old Observatory in the next version.

Contest: Beat the Boss of Faj’ro Temple!

Remember that contest we did back with the Temple Mine? We’re doing it again!
Show us how you beat the boss of Faj’ro Temple! Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

And just so you know – this is the room of the final boss:


Among all people who send us the video, we’ll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role in Ba’kii Kum! You can be an Avatar, a Shad or maybe something else? We’ll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Friday, Mai 13, 23:59 PDT

Next Steps

So much new content right? Yet, the story is still stuck all the way back in Bergen Trail. We’ll work on that next! Milestone 0.7 will once again extend the story and bring more life to all those new areas!

And that’s all! Have fun with the new release, everyone. We’re waiting for your feedback … and bug reports!


  • Roblodon on May 8, 2016 at 2:04 am said:

    already hyped for 0.7 release

  • Sweyn78 on May 8, 2016 at 7:11 am said:

    It’s crashing on Linux. :\
    It’s complaining that it can’t find the players Lea, Shizuki, or Emilie.
    I’ve tried reinstalling the game and moving ~/.config/CrossCode, but it’s still crashing with the same problem.
    I’m submitting an official bug-report, of course, but I thought it might help speed things along if I post here as well.

  • MixelzPixels on May 8, 2016 at 7:38 am said:

    So awesome!
    I really liked the puzzles in this dungeon, few of em were tricky to solve but overall it was simply amazing!

  • Goldsonic25 on May 8, 2016 at 10:41 am said:

    dat was a tough dungeon.

  • kalgor123 on May 8, 2016 at 6:14 pm said:

    My god there’s so many updates it bent the template!

  • Sonnen Krieger on May 8, 2016 at 9:54 pm said:

    The dungeon was really hard, but fun.
    But I couldn’t beat the boss without the overheat-bug.
    I have to practice more till 0.7.

  • This new update looks awesome! I can’t try it until I’ve finished my Coursework though because I don’t have time :(

    Also, for the longest time I haven’t been able to log into the Crosscode Wiki. The “Sign in” button just redirects me to “” without logging me in. I’ve tried incognito and a clean profile too. I’ve even tried a different browser. Is there any way I can log in at all?

  • Justin Blake on May 20, 2016 at 4:02 am said:


    How can an update this big only have 9 comments?

    Well, not it has 10 comments! I haven’t even played it yet and I’m already psyched.

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