CrossCode 0.8 Release!

We did it! After a very long “Saturday” we proudly release:
CrossCode Version 0.8!

We’ll keep this short, because really, you probably just want to play the game and we want to get some sleep! But just so you know, we also have a contest for you. More about that at the end!

New Areas and Dungeons

autumns-fallAutumns’ Fall, the new area to the northeast of Rookie Harbor, filled with ancient ruins!

jungle-groveBeyond that lies the jungle Gaia’s Garden – easily the biggest area of the game, alas not 100% done as of now. Still a lot of land to explore!

basin-keepIn the middle of the jungle you will find Basin Keep – a bustling city that is, as of now, not yet 100% bustling, but we’ll get there, promised! Still you can enter it and “enjoy” the rainy atmosphere!

temple-entranceFurther beyond, hidden in the deep end of the jungle you will find the great dungeon of the Grand Krys’kajo, consisting of 3 smaller sub dungeons. As of now 1 of these 3 sub dungeons is finished:

zir-vitar-templeThe Zir’vitar Temple! Expect a whole bunch of new puzzles and enemies, including a boss fight. Mind that this dungeon is not as long as the Faj’ro Temple and Temple Mine (because it’s 1/3 of the whole thing), but still comes with the usual challenges!

New Features

wave-artsWith the new dungeon, you of course get a new element mode. The Wave Element, complete with 5 new combat arts!

status-all-smallEnter the Status Menu! Finally you can read all about your stats and modifiers with all the nitty gritty details!

Other Things

There is more!

  • New Quests in Rookie Harbor and Bergen, including another lovely monk quest!
  • The first Level 2 combat art! So far there is only one and you find it in the Neutral Tree down the Melee branch. This is still experimental, but please give it a try! It consumes 3 SP – simply charge for a longer time!
  • All the enemies now respawn in all the dungeons!
  • A long list of smaller fixes and changes! Just take a look at that changelog. It’s long. Really long.

Contest: Beat the Boss of Zir’vitar Temple!

And yes, we have another contest for you! And again, it’s about that dungeon!

Show us how you beat the boss of Zir’vitar Temple!

Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

And just so you know who the boss is… it’s this guy:


Among all people who send us the video, we’ll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role in Basin Keep! You can be an Avatar, a regular citizen or maybe something else? We’ll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Sunday, October 9, 23:59 PDT

And that’s all! Have fun with 0.8 and let’s just hope there won’t be too many bugs… but anyway, we’ll try to fix them as early as possible!

PS: Sorry for a lot of golden chests. Some of those are likely to be replaced with accessible chests in the sub releases of the next few days – we just didn’t get around to decide for proper content yet.


  • I actually can’t find where the 1st monk quest is D:

  • Hmm. Same I can’t find 1 Monk’s quest. Also dear Felix or someone else from radical fish games. If I enter faj’ro temple now is Lea friend gonna mad at me after next update (the one when you add more storyline) ? Because I don’t know if play on 0.8 update or wait for major update. Please tell me what to do ;(.

    • You find the Monk Quests in the northern part of Bergen to the east.

      About story progression and Dungeons: You can beat the dungeon and we’ll try to somehow make it work that you can still play the story afterwards – in that case you have to enter den dungeons again, but all rooms are still completed so you can just “run through”. However, we do recommend to keep an older save and play the dungeons again.

  • how far is the story in this version going?

  • The new dungeon is really fun and fairly challenging. The boss is quite difficult as well.

    Btw, I found another crashing bug. When you go against those ghost-looking guys, do not use the cold dash art. This will crash the game, which is a major issue in the room Endurance of Waves, where there’s two of them at the end.

  • Is the story mode quests in this one?
    Been waiting to complete Defender of the Maroon Tree

  • I cant log in game now freezes on me at the very begiinin before the title screen is there any fix i think posted on damn near every forum and twitter i can find lol

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