CrossCode 0.8.5 More Dungeon and Exploring!


With the holidays almost at our doors, it’s time to get comfy and play some CrossCode. And what’s better to go along with this than a new update? Even though this is not a “new number”-Release this update packs a lot of content so let’s check them all out, shall we?

Final part of Gaia’s Garden unlocked


South-East of Gaia’s Garden lies a small Shad settlement which is now accessible for exploring. However, you might find yourself to be an unwanted guest. What could have happened here? Note: This region will get more Story through optional quest in later updates.

So’Najiz Temple aka The Wave Temple


West of the Rite of Passage inside Gaia’s Garden you can now enter the So’Najiz Temple which will not only give you access to the Shock Element but also the final key to open all those golden chests! Oh did we mention this is an underwater temple? Really the best place for an avatar to be, don’t you think so too?


Shock Element


The final element is finally here. While Wave was an element designed to help you with healing buffs or pushing away foes, this one is all about quick attacks and fast movements.

Basin Keep Extension


Both the west and east maps of Basin Keep are now accessible. While the west area is home to many high-society residents, the east one is a problematic region for the city in many ways. Both of these maps are already quite far ahead and we wanted people to see them but they will get more NPCs and quests too. You might already find some chests you can’t access right now. Look out for a special quest in the eastern part in later updates!

Other Stuff

Like always we made a lot of smaller adjustments or additions. Here’s a quick list of most new things:

  • All chests that required keys now have special graphics making them stick out more. The same is true for chests that contain keys found inside dungeons.
  • We reworked positional sounds! No more distant splash sounds. We also added a bunch of environmental sounds like waterfalls for instance.
  • Find new Quests in Ba’kii Kum!
  • The trade menu now always shows the stats for a piece of equipment on the left side at all times.
  • Extended German Translation!
  • New Background Music for So’Najiz AND Zir’Vitar Temple!

Contest: Beat the Boss of So’Najiz Temple!

And another contest for you!

Show us how you beat the boss of So’Najiz Temple!

Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

And just so you know who the boss is… it’s in this room:


Among all people who send us the video, we’ll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role in Basin Keep or the Shad Village in Gaia’s Garden! You can be an Avatar, a regular citizen or maybe something else? We’ll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Sunday, December 18, 23:59 PDT

Aaand… that’s all!
Have fun with the new release!

Time to switch to Bug Fighting Mode then. Tell us if you find any!


  • You shouldn’t be reading this comment! Play the game already!

  • Marco Luna on December 13, 2016 at 9:50 pm said:

    Um, I noticed that in the Temple Mine, there is a force field blocking off the bomb in the Great Chasm (U1) to get into Control Room B. Is that supposed to be there?

  • Once I get the Shock Element, all of my CP in Wave reset. It’s very annoying.

    I have not tested if the same thing occurs with Shock once you get Wave.

    • Just fixed it! Will be released soon.
      It should only happen when you get the Shock element.

      • Hello! I had a Critical Bug that caused the game to crash while in the Shad settlement in Gaia’s Garden. It happened right after I talked to one of the Shads past the second barrier in the Shad area! The game prompted me to contact someone about the issue! :)

        map: [jungle.clearing.clear-path-01], version: [v0.8.5-2 BETA], platform: [Desktop], OS: [Windows], browser: [Chrome], browserVersion: [30], webAudioSupport: [true], webAudioOption: [true]
        Message: [Character of name ‘baki.female-pink” is currently not in conversation!]

      • I’m still having that bug.

  • Daniel Shin on December 14, 2016 at 3:02 am said:

    There’s a green shad in the top right corner in v’rda vil west that crashes the game when I talk to him. Also is their a way to get to the black creatures because it seems like something is missing, especially at the path between the clinging river and the abandoned settlement.

    • Hey there! That crash is fixed and will be release later today with another hotfix release.

      Also: Right now you can’t do the quest with the black creatures. It will be added in a later release!

  • I’m stuck in the new temple cause I pushed the wrong block into place in a certain room and now I can’t stop the block with the other and virtually impassable with no way of resetting the room; ggnore can’t play anymore.

    • Can you send us a screenshot or save state to Because I currently have no idea how this is possible.

      • I’ve fixed the issue by reloading an old save right before I entered the temple; I had to replay the entire way back but I got it. In future updates though, you might want to not let us grab blocks while on moving platforms. That’s how I got stuck. I went on a moving platform and dragged the block from the southwest corner magnet and placed in north, got on the platform and dragged it in the middle, so the northwest block couldn’t be stopped by anything and I was stuck. But yeah, all good now.

  • AsisKotsuro on December 15, 2016 at 8:11 am said:

    Hello! I wanted to ask for Crosscode, if we beat the game up to the point of development and let’s say someone picked up an item they were not supposed to have yet, in the next update or in the final product in general, will the save file be wiped clean?

    • If you try to continue the story with an old save we’ll make sure to remove all story relevant item you’re not supposed to have.

    • Actually. I wanna anwser it too ;). You can’t play on save file from older version. You have to use the system generated save files. They’re from each city. :) Hope I helped ;).

  • Hmm. I remember how long I was stuck at mine dungeon :). That chest with robber key or something like that. It was soo hard to get. I was trying to do it for 2 hours. BUT I got it :) xD. Btw I didn’t had any sandwiches so the boss was super hard for me even with 1 lvl higher than recommended and I was fighting with him for 3 hours but I killed him also ;) xd.

  • In faj’ro temple, there is one switch that blocks map and saving. I’m pretty sure, that this button wasn’t in the game before.

  • “More Quests” stands for plural….you added ONE quest.
    Not much to do….boring update V.V

  • Hi
    I just went to bakii’kum in 0.7.1 but my game isn’t updating! Any hint on how to continue?
    (My version is 0.8.5)

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