CrossCode 1.0 Out Now!

It’s here. The day has come. After 7 years of development, half of which were in Early Access, CrossCode 1.0 finally releases!

Well, what can we say? What a crazy long journey it was. When we started out with CrossCode we’ve been a small team of inexperienced indie developers. So obviously, we decided to create a fully-featured RPG. Which was stupid ambitious. Yet still… we somehow did it.

And that’s because of you! All you amazing people that backed us on Indiegogo or bought the Early Access version, supported us through the years with feedback, suggestions, tons… TONS of typo fixes or just by cheering us on over all this time. You made it possible for us to not only develop all the content we originally planned, but also to improve the game even further, suggesting features and improvements we never originally thought of.

We want you to know that this means a lot to us. It’s really hard to describe how we feel right now. Especially since we had to write this text 3 days in advance. It’s probably a mixture of extreme happiness and total exhaustion.

We would also like to thank all of our publishers who greatly helped us getting the word out all across the world.

And now the game is out. So it’s up to you to play and hopefully enjoy this game of ours. Let us know what you think!

And in the rare occasion that you somehow stumbled on this post not knowing where to actually buy CrossCode, here is a list:

And guess what? That’s right, we’re also having a special Release-Day-Discount. Grab it while it’s hot!

Missing Content

Just because CrossCode hit full release, doesn’t mean it’s complete…!

Well, we already warned you that we might not make it in time and that’s pretty much what happened. Steam Achievements and Trading Cards are unfortunately not available yet. However, we’ll work on this right away and hopefully add those features within the following weeks.

Note that the game already keeps tracks of achievements internally, so there is no need to replay the game after Steam Achievements have been added – you will automatically get all the achievements you already collected once you boot the game.

Other things, that are still missing and will be added in following updates:

  • NPCs, quests, enemies, and food items that we need to implement for our Indiegogo Backers
  • A New Game+ Mode
  • The Last Minute Hero Guild
  • More Quests and proper NPCs for Rhombus Square
  • The Arena in Rhombus Square with more combat challenges
  • A Ninja Skin for Lea that we promised some of our Indiegogo backers is still in development. It will become available within a few weeks!

We’ll also have another post in the upcoming weeks to talk more about our Post-Game content plans.

Join our Discord

If you feel like sharing your experience of the game with other players, here’s just another reminder that you can join our official Discord server:

Again, thanks so much for all your support. Now go play the game already!

Meanwhile, we’ll try to squeeze in a little break to recover from the crunch.

Unless there are too many bugs.

Please… no more bugs…

Until next time!

Your CrossCode Team


  • Standing Ovations! Thank you so much for bringing us such a great game. I cant await finally play it with full story right now.

  • *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S
    You made it ! Thanks for your effort to bring us such a wonderful game ! Though it seems your journey hasn’t ended yet so you can be sure I’ll keep sending you good waves for all the work there is left.

    Again, congratulations for all your effort, the game is so, so good ♥

  • Congratulations! That’s hugely exciting! Well done!

    (I’ll post my bug reports elsewhere ;-))

  • Parabéns!! lança em Portugues, vocês tem uma grande fan base Brasileira

  • Thank you for your hard work. Almost everything from beginning to the end felt great.

  • REALLLLYYYYYY nice game
    I totaly love the concept that i wished it will be possible am having so much fun that i lost the sense of time
    really guys congratulation on making such a great game

  • Thank you so much for your work, this has been a very memorable game for me, and I have always come to the blog just to check up on its progress. Which is something I never do.

  • Just finished the game today. I’ve been following CrossCode since 2016, and the official release has been absolutely amazing!! Definitely amongst my favorite games of all time.
    Keep up the awesome work. Can’t wait to see the upcoming content!

  • Hey Guys!!!
    Totally love the story of the game.
    Congratulations and I AM HYPED for what happens in the post game episode

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