CrossCode 1.0.3-3 – SPEED LINES

CrossCode Version 1.0.3-3 has just been released and finally features SPEED LINES!

We recently made the shocking discovery that over all those years, CrossCode’s gameplay has been TOO SLOW.

Pictured: Regular CrossCode gameplay that is slow and has pacing issues.

In order to fix this issue, we added SPEED LINES!

Pictured: Improved CrossCode gameplay with speed lines for a faster and superior experience.

We also made a few trees more regular.

For now, the new Hotfix release is only available through Steam.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Yeah, that last update may have overdone it a bit with speed lines.
With today’s update speed lines have been reduced to only appear in important combat events (because it’s actually cool that way).

If you don’t like those speed lines either, you can disable them in the option menu under the Video category.

If you actually miss having speed lines on every move, you can still use the Speedlines bonus code to enable them!

Same for the Regular-Trees.


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