CrossCode: Getting closer to 1.0


Hello everyball!

Now that we safely entered the year 2018, a lot of you will probably ask the same question: 1.0 Release when? Today we want to talk about recent development and how close we really are to finally leaving Early Access.

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CrossCode 0.9.8 – More languages and all the Arts!


On our long journey towards version 1.0 we’ve now reached another small milestone: Today we release version 0.9.8! This update will add all level 3 combat arts, a Japanese and Korean translation, a couple of quests and several small quality-of-life improvements! Let’s go!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Next Release Date


Hello everyball! Suddenly it’s December so some of you might wonder: what about that Version 0.9.9 Release? Well we got some news for you and also some GIFs and Images of Recent Progress!

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CrossCode now with Steam Cloud Support!


In case you own a copy of CrossCode on Steam: We finally implemented support for Steam Cloud!

That means that your CrossCode saves can now be backed up in the Cloud and shared for all CrossCode installations. It even should work cross platform. Hopefully.

If you don’t want your saves to be synchronized, you can disable Steam Cloud for CrossCode. (Right click the game, select “Properties”, then the “UPDATES” tab and uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for CrossCode”).

Important: Note that we don’t support a proper merging of save states. That means if you have two different sets of saves on two machines and want to use Steam Cloud, you will have to replace one set of saves with the others. Steam should give you a warning in that case and an option to select which saves you want to keep.

If there are any issues with save synchronization, please let us now!

And that’s all!

CrossCode 0.9.7 – The Last Area!

It’s due time for another update! Today we finally release CrossCode Version 0.9.7 with a bunch of new content and features!

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