CrossCode: Hi-Lights + April To Do List Update + Events + Hotfix


Hello everyball!

Here we are again, back with fully written text!

Since April is now pretty much over, it’s time for another update of our Final To Do list. We also have a few new things to show + a couple events in May we will attend!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + March To Do List Update


Hi! … Lea!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + February To Do List Update + CrossWeek


Hello everyball!

We’re slightly late but here it is, the first update of the Final To Do List!

We made good progress all things considered! We finished several boss fights, added two new quests, and also completed the whole plot for Gaia’s Garden, including its 3 dungeons – almost at least.

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CrossCode: Steering straight for 1.0!


Hello everyball!

We collected your votes and here are the results:

English Poll Results
Chinese Poll Results
Japanese Poll Results
Korean Poll Results

As you can see, the clear majority voted to focus on a 1.0 release! And that is what we will do now! In order to accelerate development we will skip version 0.9.9 and head straight for 1.0!

That also means there won’t be any version update for a fairly long time. However, we will make sure to update the Final To Do List on a regular basis (at least every month) to keep you updated on how things are moving forward!

Thanks a lot for the participation in the polls and for being such a patient and awesome community in general!

CrossCode: Getting closer to 1.0


Hello everyball!

Now that we safely entered the year 2018, a lot of you will probably ask the same question: 1.0 Release when? Today we want to talk about recent development and how close we really are to finally leaving Early Access.

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