CrossCode: New Gameplay Trailer + Hotfixes

With all the stuff going on for the 0.9.5 release we forgot about a little thing: we have a new gameplay trailer!

This trailer shows off the new battle theme and combat arts and was once again made by MultiMedia AMDG! Big shoutout to them for another amazing collaboration!

And yes… Version 0.9.5 was released and as usual there are bugs.
Since yesterday we already released 2 Hotfix versions fixing many of the critical issues.

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CrossCode 0.9.5 Story Time!


Yes, yes… It’s finally time to continue the story of CrossCode! And boy, did we take our sweet time with it. Though we did also release some cool new stuff in between, so it’s all good, right?

Anyway, this update doesn’t just continue the story but also adds in new features, balancing and so on. We also got another Contest for you! Let’s get right to it!

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2 Years Early Access + Release Schedule Update

Woah, has it really been 2 years already? Indeed: CrossCode started Early Access back in May 2015. To celebrate the occasion we have a Daily Deal today on Steam!

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CrossCode 0.9.2 with Chinese Localization + Faster Startup!


We got a small little update for you! CrossCode version 0.9.2 now features a complete Chinese translation done by WhisperGames!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Events


We’re about to enter May so it’s time to talk about recent progress and upcoming releases!

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