CrossCode 0.9.2 with Chinese Localization + Faster Startup!


We got a small little update for you! CrossCode version 0.9.2 now features a complete Chinese translation done by WhisperGames!

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CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Events


We’re about to enter May so it’s time to talk about recent progress and upcoming releases!

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CrossCode now with Voice Acting!


Note: the Voice Acting Feature was a prank for April Fools Day. Read more about it at the end of the post

Today we have a very special release for you! CrossCode version 0.9.1 now adds Voice Acting for most of the main characters. That’s right: You can now listen to the voice of Lea, Emilie, Sergey, Apollo and many other characters!

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CrossCode: Krys’kajo Boss Contest Results + Hotfix Releases


About two weeks ago, we released CrossCode version 0.9 and, once again, hold a small contest for everyone to beat the new boss enemy within a week and send us a video of it. And today we announce the winner! Also, a small note on recent hotfix releases

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CrossCode 0.9 Final Jungle Temple + C’Tron + Quests

It’s done! Just in time. Today we release CrossCode Version 0.9 as promised in February! This updates comes with another new dungeon, a very big circuit update, a new party member, lots of quests and many, many more features, improvements, and additions!
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