CrossCode DevLog #61
Puzzles, Food and a new Menu!

Another week, another update. We worked a lot on the puzzle area this time, increasing the size of it by 4 maps! Also we reveal the first set of usable items in CrossCode, started working on a new menu and finally we changed the name of our updates to “DevLog” to avoid further confusion about the actual updates on CrossCode!

New puzzle maps

Felix took some time to add a total of 4 new maps to the puzzle area. This time the focus is bouncing balls of walls in order to get around various obstacles and fighting an enemy some of you might remember from the TechDemo: The Mini-Turret. Check out this 2 juicy screenshots from 2 of the new maps:

puzzle2Bouncing Balls! Wheee!

puzzle1Turrets surrounding Lea! What to do, what to do…?!

These rooms are not final, as we still want to tweak aspects such as enemy density inside these puzzle rooms or how you can interact with the surroundings to kill of those darn turrets.

Your favorite food and sorting

We already talked about consumables items in DevLog #59 and told you about the buffs and how you can use them to get an edge in combat. This time we announce actual items you’ll find inside the next update of the game. Everyone enjoys a good meal to buff up the moral, right?


Noticed the new Favorites panel on the bottom right of the screen? CrossCode will feature many different kinds of buffs, even buffs that act like modifiers you normally gain via skills or equipment. Imagine instant aim or invincibility for a short amount of time! Since the quick menu can only show 6 items at a time before you need to scroll we added Favorites. By pressing F or X on the gamepad while hovering over an item you can set the item as favorite and it will be displayed on top of the quick menu item list. This way you can take your favorite food with you and have it quickly available if needed. Here’s a picture of it:


Since the item description does not tell you what the buff actually does, the same icons we use to for the buff display in the HUD will be display to the left of the description. The help menu will tell what each icon means so you always know whats up.

Another thing I added was a feature that allows you to sort your inventory. The interface for this is missing but it actually already works. You’ll be able to sort by four different types of settings:

  • Auto: Uses the internal order to sort the items in nice and clean list
  • Name: Sorts the items by name
  • Amount: Sort the items based on the amount you have. If 2 items have the same amount the automatic sorting is used
  • Rarity: Sorts the items based on the rarity. This follows the same rules as the amount-sort for items with identical rarity

Sorting will be available in both the Inventory and the Equipment menu. The quick menu items list will always use the order sorting and including the favorite items.

New Menu Incoming

We still have 3 slots left for new menu options right? So here’s a new one: The Synopsis menu:


This is a very early design prototype as you can see (mixed up names, wrong menu name, etc.) but already shows the layout we’re going for. The Synopsis menu is a collection of different menu points. You take a look at your quests, review the story so far and the lore of the game, watch all those amazing trophies (or feats as we will call them) you’ve collected, watch the your statistic, admire all kinds of fancy stuff in the museum and finally revise tutorials via the help menu. Quite a lot of menu points, huh? For the next update we plan to at least implement the statistic menu so you don’t have to run to Carla to check on your progress.

Other shenanigans

Felix and I fixed all kinds of bugs this week. Many of them were reported by you (thanks!) and we’re able to fix everything that came up. Apart from that we working hard on the upcoming crowd-funding event. Planning such an event sure is time consuming. Felix spent a lot of time recording the game for the crowd-funding video and we plan to contact lots of people to get the word around!

That’s it for this week!

See you soon!


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