Wanna be manlier? Play Manlea! Also, some streams.

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Greetings, our dearest fans.

We want to begin this special month by adressing a very special complaint we got! Be prepared to let Manlea take your hearts by storm!

Also, there have been some livestreams, that we’ll be showing at the end of this post. But let’s not waste to much time and get into today’s main attraction!


As you know, we pay close attention to your feedback and thus noticed a complaint that some of you shared with us.

“Please make it so that you can choose a male version”Some guy named Steve

“Where can I select the male start character?”ThatGuyTho

“I think you should add an option to choose a guy”Whynotboth

“The game would be better with a guy being the protagonist”ofC0ur5e99

“Naze rī no nai otoko-ban?”Idontevenknow

We heard your request! And today we will address it.

While Lea is very popular with most of our fans, some people have difficulties identifying with her and would prefer to have the option to play as a ball-wielding protagonist who simply is… manlier. Thus we proudly present: Manlea!


That’s right! CrossCode now provides you with an option to select your main character!


First we started of by creating the basic concept art. We wanted to make a just slightly more masculine version of Lea to satisfy everyone.


The result truly is something to behold! We are quite proud of the new design – we created Manlea to be a rather neutral character that anyone can easily associate her- or himself with. Of course we had to replace the sprites as well:


Note that we just started creating all those graphics for Manlea, so things might still look a bit messy. Still, we already managed to partly integrate Manlea into the game! Here you have a couple of screenshots:




This is a very exciting announcement and we’re happy to say that this will only postpone the final release of the game by mere 3-5 months, so we can make all the graphics for both Lea and Manlea. It’ll be without a doubt worth it!

We all hope you are as excited about Manlea as we are. Please tell us how much you love this new addition to CrossCode!

More Livestreams

Once again, we had another great livestreamer who played CrossCode, called WhenChukAttacks. He played for almost 4,5 hours, completed both Story- and Puzzle-Mode and also spent a lot of time in the Exploration-Mode before he had to leave. Meanwhile, several members of our team have come and gone while he was playing to answer questions, as you can see in the video!

Watch the stream here!

Also, fitting of today’s of manliness, the badassly bearded Reese of WhosGamingNow did a livestream of the CrossCode Story-Mode! He had to quit after finishing it but had a lot of fun and might continue by playing the other modes in a future stream!

Watch the stream here (CrossCode starts around 1:15:30)!

And that’s it! You might be wondering about a summary of the other Indiegogo-updates that have been released lately, but I think this posts is already too ballsy as it is. So, look forward to another post soon!

See you at the next (potentially far less significant) update!


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