CrossCode 0.7 Release!


Here we go! Today we release CrossCode version 0.7.0 that will finally extend the story, include the often requested Trader Book and comes with a couple new quest. And finally: the first wave of new character portraits!

New Portraits and Character Graphics

As previously announced we plan to rework all the portraits of the game for a new polished style. With 0.7 we introduce the first wave of new portraits for the majority of characters including Lea, Shizuka, Sergey, Carla, Emilie and Schneider. Here some examples:



In addition to that, we also improved many other large-scale sprites of Lea including the title screen and menu:



Extended Story

The story was extended quite a bit by about 1 1/2 chapters. The plot now includes the visit of the Temple Mine and end at your arrival at Ba’kii Kum. Along the way there will be several small excursions as you’ll meet new players… and a guild! Here a couple of impressions:





Finally Emilie will also be more talkative around Bergen Trail and Village, commenting on enemies and also locations:


Trader Book

Many of you requested a feature to track all the traders in the game. We listened and with 0.7 we finally introduce: The Trader Book.


The Trader Book will list all the traders you meet on your adventure, sorted by location. You’ll be able to see all the items they offer as well as all the items you need for the exchange.

More Quests

Version 0.7.0 comes with a couple new quests as well. One of them is connected to the story, others are optional. Make sure to visit all the faction buildings! Also these are not just your generic kill and fetch quests. This screenshot should give you an idea what to expect:


… or maybe you just wonder what the heck is going on there. Anyway, just try out the quest!

Other Stuff

As usual, the release comes with a couple of bug fixes. An important one: we switched to a new version of NW.js for Linux and Mac users. Hopefully this will remove the crashing problems of the 0.6.x versions!

In addition to that, you will find the first interior maps in Ba’kii Kum, new lore entries, an improved blue hedgehag, and an all new background theme for Faj’ro Temple (which will still be improved, but anyway)!

Next Steps

With the story continued we’ll now focus on content again. Our goal for version 0.8 is the new Jungle area. Since this update will be about the size of 0.6 we might need a bit more time again. But that also means you can expect a buckload of content once it’s done!

And that’s all! We all hope you’ll have a fun time with the new release! Also: if you find bugs, simply tell us. It’s a major release and most of you know how it goes~

Until 0.7.1!


  • esotericist on June 20, 2016 at 8:29 pm said:

    Super fabulous. Really excited whenever I see you guys update, so I started a new game in order to see everything fresh.

    At the moment I’ve only been to Rookie Harbor and part of Autumn Rise, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

    Thank you so much for all of your labor!

  • Hey amigo, loved the update! Ran into one tinyyyy problem though….

    I was messing around in Autumn’s Rise to revisit the Blue Hedgehag and this happened:

    May be a little hard to tell what’s going on, but the guard fence popped up and I was trapped inside of it whereas the hedgehag was on the outside. Luckily Emilie was stuck on the same side as the hedgehag and finished him off. Not entirely sure how this happened but I felt like it should be reported!

    • The same thing happened to me, but my Emilie got killed. Nothing really happened, the hedgehag agro-ed me again and jumped ever the fence back

  • Glad to see even more coming out for this game, and nice work on those portaits, but I have to say that the new Carla just seems utterly off.

    Great stuff otherwise!

  • Cheeki-Breeki man on March 30, 2018 at 12:51 pm said:

    Guys,could you also leave somewhere the past versions of the game.I´d like to play the “sandbox” mode but it was trashed.

    • CrossCode never really had a sandbox mode. It used to have the “Exploration Mode” but that one was essentially a small excerpt of what you can find in the current version.

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