CrossCode: Finally a new Trailer!

It’s been way over a year. Today we finally release a new trailer for CrossCode:

In there you can spot all kind of content from version 0.7 such as the new portraits, dungeons, and boss fights.

A big thank you to Michael from MultiMedia AMDG, who created the trailer for us dealing with all the feedback we threw at him for several weeks. Quite the achievement!

We hope you like the result! And if not: please tell us what you think so we can do a better job for the next trailer!

On another note: we also finally updated the CrossCode Demo on Steam to include the new portrait and other details from version 0.7.1 (the scope stays the same). We also made sure it now works on Linux and OSX as well!

The online demo on our webpage an other sites will be updated soon as well.

Recent Progress

Since just showing a trailer makes for a pretty short post, here a bit of recent progress:

After fully planning out the layout, R.D. took on the task to map the jungle. That’s a big task. A very, very big task.

Meanwhile Lachsen was busy creating new puzzles elements like:

shock-compressorThe Compressed Shock Ball

wave-compressorThe Compressed Wave Ball (it’s different)

magnetsGravity-defying magnets

tesla-coilTesla Coils

wave-teleportStrange Teleporters

wave-teleport-blocksStrange blocks strangely teleported with strange teleporters.

All the while Frece and T-Free are working hard on new deadly enemies like:



parrotand Parrots with Gatling Guns.

Finally, GFluegel is creating more of these quests that everybody will love unconditionally:

monk-quest-nightmare DOESN’T THIS LOOK FUN.

That’s all there is so far. Until the next devlog!



    “Fun” is the word… for those who are playing Dwarf Fortress. :p

  • PIKACHU!!! Oh wait..

  • This really looks dynamic, and beautiful, and 16-Bit (which is the same as beautiful, obviously, when my girlfriend has a new dress I usually say ‘You look reaaaally 16-Bit-“).
    But I personally wouldn’t headline it as a ‘story-driven Action-RPG”, but throw the balls right in the audience’s face. Mentioning to have a story always sounds to me like ‘I apologize for my mediocre game design, I only wanted to tell a story’; but the ball-throwing mechanics, allowing for RPG-ish character development plus amazingly reponsive battle plus innovative puzzles are just brilliant, and you have it. I know you probably didn’t want to advertise the same thing over and over again, but if I saw only that last trailer, with focus on character portraits and being ‘story-driven’, I would have a different impression of the game than I have from playing it.
    (Also, emphazise the fact more that you have gatling parrots next time.)

    • Urinstein on August 12, 2016 at 2:34 am said:

      I think it’s important to explain that this is not a roguelike, not a sandbox and no “choose your own adventure silent protagonist RPG”. There a good bit of conversation and cutscenes, a linear storyline and a few key characters. In short, it’s a JRPG.
      That people might misunderstand this could very well be right, but being able to communicate the nature of the game outweighs the drawback imo. And it is a nature that lost it’s big significance in gaming in the late nineties, so there no proper modern vocabulary for this i suppose, that doesn’t come with some balast.

  • Seriously, though, these puzzle gifs look like the best thing in videogames since Super Metroid, and Super Metroid is the best thing in videogames. You guys are soooo good.

  • Looks great. I cant wait for the final version.
    It’s good to see there is a good progress

  • Oh my god, wow, I’ve not played the game for a while now (waiting it to be finished so I keep the surprises) and it’s amazing to see all the progress you’ve made !
    I’m 2000% hyped, you’re doing great, keep it up !

    (also, Hi!)

  • what elements are available now?

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