CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Contest Winner + Now on GoG!


Welcome to the year 2017, everyball! Yeah it’s about time we do another update post. We’ll show some recent progress, got the results of the recent Boss Contest for you and other great news as well!

Recent Progress

The next version 0.9.0 is scheduled for Release in February. Not only will this version include the last dungeon of the Jungle with another epic boss fight, it will also finally include the complete circuit tree for all elements with all skills fully implemented, with the exception of Level 3 combat arts.
And yes, that means you’ll get all level 1 and level 2 combat arts available!
That’s a lot of combat options at your disposal!


lea-more-skillsSome of the remaining level 1 combat arts that have still been missing.

final-showdownEntering Neutral Level 2! This is “Final Showdown” the successor of “First Cut”.

lea-lvl2-madnessMore Level 2 Neutral Combat Art Madness!

freeze-frameEntering Cold Level 2! Now Lea can downright freeze enemies.

lea-cold-lvl2-meleeAlternatively, just freeze’em while pushing them upwards!

lea-heat-lvl2Entering Heat Level 2! Some of those attacks might remind you of something~

chain-lightningEntering Shock Level 2! As requested by many, we added the almost mandatory “chain lightning” attack.

lea-lvl2-shock-dashShock also features some other attacks that are just incredibly fast.

new-hit-numbersIn fact, some of these attacks have been so fast hitting, that the mass of damage numbers became sort of a problem. That’s why we decided to add damage summaries and limited the number of damage numbers that can appear simultaneously for each enemies.

We also worked on party members!

emilie-shock-artsEmilie now can use Combat Arts, too!

ctron-combatAnd finally: say hello to you new Hexacast companion C’Tron!

Apart from combat stuff, we also worked on several new Quests in Basin Keep and Ba’kii Kum – some of which might surprise you with entirely new tasks!

So’najiz Boss Contest Results

With the release of Version 0.8 we once again held a contest for everyone to beat the new boss within a week and record it in a public video.
And we got a whole of 36 submissions!

Viktor Yuschuk
Adam Takitani
Wolf and Friends Gaming
Random Pile
Nhat Minh
lucas Feng
Celio Hogane

In a recent gamedev stream we have computed the random number to pick the winner before an audience.

And the winner is:


You won a guest role in Basin Keep or V’rda Vil, the Shad Settlement of the Jungle! We’ll make sure to contact you about the details… soonish!

CrossCode is now available on GoG!


That’s right! Now you can get CrossCode Early Access on Good old Games, obviously DRM-free!

To celebrate the release on the new platform, we also have a 15% discount!

The next CrossWeek!

With the next release coming close, we decided to have another CrossWeek! It’s that time when many of our team members meet in Hannover for a good week of full-time CrossCode development! We usually get a lot of stuff done during those meetups. We also tend to burn stuff. Let’s hope that won’t happen this time around.

The CrossWeek will start February 1st and last until February 9th! Expect a lot of small updates and images on our Twitter and of course, a big summary at the end!

And that’s all for today’s post. Until next time!


  • I wanna play the game immediately, but I gotta hold off until the game is done. Because I know if I play it and finish all of the side quests and the story so far right now, I’ll play the game less than I want to. I’ll have no one to blame but myself because of how much I LOVE this game.

    • I feel that way too but yoouuu know if we dont test it right it wont get done correctly!

    • ^^^^

      I stopped playing once I got to the 2nd elemental dungeon because I didn’t want to ruin the experience of the whole game!

      Can’t wait for 1.0!!!!! Going to start from scratch.

  • This update looks amazing !

    The animations for the new combat arts are so good ! It’s really impressive !

  • Celso Ribeiro on January 27, 2017 at 1:25 pm said:

    Wow, the game is turning out awesome guys!
    and we will be super duper powerful with level 2 Combat Arts :D I must admit I was a little disappointed with the first lvl2 combat art, because it did a little more than its predecessor, didn’t seem worth 3 lvl1 Combat arts… now THIS seems more like it! I’m curious to see how you’ll balance the game with these. It would be a bummer to not see some combat arts go all the way because the foes died during the sequence kkkk
    Changing topic, I would love to see a dungeon where we need to rely on the 4 elements at once :D do you plan to do that on Grand Krys’kajo? And if not, I’m a supporter for an extra dungeon just before the great showdown! I don’t know what others think, and this is worth a poll, but I wouldn’t mind this coming out in 2018 if we got to see a proper, maybe even smaller dungeon before the great showdown, perhaps the mysterious blue guy’s hideout! This may be a cliché, but clichés are clichés for a reason :D !

    • Celso Ribeiro on January 27, 2017 at 1:36 pm said:

      That said, I totally understand that this project must take a toll on you guys, and that you probably wish to rest and take on other projects. I paid full price for this baby, because I appreciate your work.

  • As for me. Heat level 2 reminds me the attacks of boss from mine dungeon (that mecha crab) BTW: I can’t wait for full game release *_*

  • My body is ready.

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