CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Events

We’re about to enter May so it’s time to talk about recent progress and upcoming releases!

New Game Artwork and Logo

Something we’ve been working on for quite some time now is finally done. Introducing: the new game artwork:


We decided to go for a different theme compared to the previous artwork, focusing on different characters. We also put a lot more effort into the whole thing overall!

You also might notice that we changed the Logo of the game to something that stands out a little bit more. We plan to adapt the logo inside the game as well.

Development Progress

CrossCode Version 0.9.5 was originally scheduled to be released sometime April to May this year. This version will add a big chunk of story that will cover the whole Maroon Valley, Faj’ro Temple, as well as Autumn’s Fall. Now as it turned out… developing this story and everything connected to it took longer than expected. That’s why we most likely won’t be able to finish version 0.9.5 in time. The way things look right now we might have to postpone the release by another month to June 2017. Of course, the release of version 1.0, originally scheduled for June-September 2017, will likely also be impacted by that.

That of course doesn’t mean nothing happened. To the contrary! Here some impressions of recent development:

element-mode-effectsWe started adding new effects when changing your element mode.

maroon-tree-cave-1We finally finished that Maroon Tree Quest

maroon-tree-cave-2…including a lot of battles against those sand worms.

random-cutscene-dialog-2Some more stuff happening in Ba’kii Kum! Who might they be talking about?

story-1Our party finally reaching Faj’ro Temple…

story-3…and the new area at the top of Faj’ro Temple!

dream-waterfallAlso included: more dreams!

box-pushing-questSomething else we’re working on: Quests. More Box pushing!

sensei-questAnd here we have the comeback of the infamous target bots! Note that this quest is still heavily WIP.

In addition to that Intero has worked on several new music tracks!

  • The Casual Theme that we already sneaked into the 0.9 release
  • The New Battle Theme playing when fighting enemies outdoors with your party.
  • The Briefing Theme playing during exposition scenes – like the Major of Bergen explaining the situation.
  • Another Cutscene Theme playing during certain… cutscenes.

Upcoming Events

In 2016 we focused 100% on development and essentially stayed home permanently, working with the exception of a few CrossWeeks maybe. Or at least somewhat like that.
Now in 2017 we’re getting close to finishing the game so we thought it’s about time to start visiting some Event to promote CrossCode!

Thus here two upcoming events we’ll be attending within the next two month:

We’ll be attending bitSummit from May 20-21 in Kyoto, Japan!

And two weeks later, not quite as far away:

We’ll also attend Dokomi from June 3-4 in Düsseldorf, Germany!

If you happen to be around, feel free to drop by and say hello! We might also bring a little bit of CrossCode Merch with us!

And that’s all for now!
And sorry that things take a bit longer once again.


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