CrossCode: Hotfix Release 0.9.5-5 + Contest Winners!


We spent the last week fixing smaller and more nuanced bugs, but also managed to squeeze in a few new features and additions! All of this is now released with Hotfix Version 0.9.5-5! Also the boss contest just ended and we’ve already chosen the winner!

Hotfix Release 0.9.5-5


The newest version should fix another batch of smaller issues, including:

  • Weird AI problems with Apollo just standing around doing nothing.
  • A certain boss was not supposed to be defeatable, but some of you still managed to defeat him, resulting in breaking the game. You monsters.
  • A huge amount of spelling issues fixed, as we finally went through months worth of reports by the community! Thanks everyone for the great help!

But that’s not all! We also worked on a few new additions that also made it into this hotfix release:

  • There is a new Bulletin Board accessible via the Quest Hub of each town, listing most available quests of the area!
  • Item Consumables now show (more or less) individual graphics on consumption!
  • Activating circuit skills now shows a fancy effect!
  • We added a proper label + image for Chapter 6 which is after Faj’ro Temple.
  • The German translation for the whole beginning of the Cargo ship has been improved! We’ll keep working on the German translation, trying to catch up with the English text and improving the quality along the way.
  • Certain ricochet puzzles have been extended with ball-destroying entities, giving a clear hint on which path the balls are not supposed to fly.

Boss Contest Solution

Yes, the Boss Contest is over! We asked you to win a certain PvP fight in front of Faj’ro Temple and most of you probably already guessed who the opponent was.

Do you accept, blue-haired Spheromancer?!

Yes, it was Apollo waiting for you!
We had a total of 61 Submissions for this contest, which once again sets a new record!

A lot of you fought Apollo honorably with appropriate level, equipment and just owning the fire element:

Apollo is pleased.

You fought honorably, like a true Spheromancer!


There have also been… other submissions.


As it turns out, we had quite a number of cheaters among us! Some of you just cheated a little. You merely had the ice element and your stats have been just slightly above the norm at most:

We can let that slide, right?



But then we have a long…


…loooong list of players with level 40+, all 4 elements, overpowered equipment… All of it! Now you can hardly call that a chall-


… Well, anyway! There was no rule against any of that. So all of these submissions are still valid. Sorry, Apollo!

This is madness!

Oh, but we also got a number of submissions that did quite the opposite and went for a true hardcore challenge

  • Gellot was overleveled and had all elements, but used downgraded equipment and wasn’t hit a single time!
    Impressive! Though that’s sort of thing he does… all the time. Just look at his channel!
  • 232 DjordjeA beat Apollo with level 3 (that in itself is already impossible and therefore CHEATING) with extremely low defense yet high attack stats due to good equipment. That means he couldn’t survive a single attack combo by his opponent… but still won! Awesome!
  • Ether was level 44 but decided to drop all of their equipment… and was still victorious! Amazing!
  • Vincent Desjardins was level 30 and also decided to drop all equipment giving him even lower stats. In addition, he only used the Neutral element. After a long and painful battle… he won! What a feat!
  • 影子 was level 18 and was just wearing rookie equipment resulting in the lowest stats of all participants! The video showcases another long and painful battle with lots of interesting techniques, like switching elements during combat arts to optimize damage as far as possible. In the end 影子 was victorious. Absolutely incredible!

We’re quite blown away to see that level of skill from our players!

… Alright. I admit it. Very impressive.

Now, the winner is randomly drawn from all of these submissions! We did so live during yesterday’s gamedev stream (just ignore the mistake where we’ve chosen the wrong person at first…)!

And the winner is…


Congratulations, you won a guest NPC somewhere in CrossCode! We’ll make sure to contact you once we start implementing those NPCs.

Of course, one of the cheaters. There is no justice. I’m outta here.

And that’s all for today’s post! This was likely the last CrossCode hotfix for 0.9.5… unless even more unexpected issues come up.
That means we’ll now focus on content for version 0.9.7 and beyond!

Until next time!


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