Next steps for CrossCode


Over two weeks ago we published the TechDemo of CrossCode. Since then, we got a lot of feedback that we will address in further development.

Here some critique we got repeatedly:

  • No sound and music!
  • Camera movement when aiming is too rapid and disorienting.
  • Dodging not really useful, too much delays.
  • Last bot enemies too difficult (especially when fighting 3 at once).
  • Charged balls visually not powerful enough

We are currently addressing the sound and music issue. We got somebody composing a nice soundtrack and are gathering matching sound effects.

For the camera movement, we already found a nice solution, to still get the same amount of overview but make it less disorienting during aiming: the camera will move slower and only when the cursor is moved far to the edge of the screen.

Considering the dodging: We hardly find the feature useless, as almost everybody in the team and close to development use it all the time. The problem is, that the game has a unique style of playing that needs to be “taught” to the player in an effective way – preverably without any tedious tutorials. We pretty much skipped all that in the TechDemo, but we already got some ideas on how to do this. Apart from that, we will still make the dodging a bit faster and with less disadvantages (less reduction of aiming precision) to make the advantage more apparent.

Considering the balancing: we understood that the first bots are too much too handle for new players and will make the first real enemies easier to handle.

Apart from those points, the feedback for CrossCode was overhelmingly positive!

CrossCode got accepted as Chrome Experiment, we got an article at, and over 6000 visits on

As a next step, we plan to release an updated TechDemo, addressing some of the feedback (e.g. adding sound and music, better balancing etc.). We hope to release this version before end of march.

The next major release will be a longer demo with a play time of at least 20 minutes. It will include some of the RPG aspects, will feature a real boss fight and a first glimpse at the actual plot (which is an important aspect of the game). We just plan to release this version some time this year.

So yeah, we will take things slow but steady. Note that CrossCode is still a part time effort. However, we all hope it won’t stay that way.


  • Played the techdemo, enjoyed it a lot – especially the whole Terranigma-like feeling of the combat (although it’s actually pretty different).

    In case you are in need of experienced tester, let me know. I would like to help to make the game as good as possible :)

  • This is..... on January 23, 2013 at 11:20 pm said:

    …Awesome. This game blew me away, good luck to young Radical Fish Games. (also if u need play testers im here too :D )

  • Inflamed Testicle on April 2, 2023 at 5:44 pm said:

    Here it is. One of the oldest update pages about this game. It’s an interesting feeling being here, like being in a school you graduated from years ago.

    But now, it’s time to move on. CrossCode was a wonderful game. Let’s see what you bring with Project Terra.

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