NPC Dialog Contest Results


Hello everyball!

The results of the NPC contest are finally ready! Each of the 100 submissions (yes, exactly) has been evaluated by 4 team members and here are the results!

Top 20 Submissions

We decided to only show the NPCs without the dialogs to not spoil things too much. All the NPCs shown here will have new dialogs coming with the next version to be release in January!

Anyway, here are the winners of the NPC contest!

Place 20 by Louis “rioreur” Schuck

Dialog NPC

Place 19 by Daniel ‘Dusk’ Haysham

image (1)

Place 18 by Arthur ‘Druideftw’ Wiese

Screenshot (1)

Place 17 by Christian Eickenfonder


Place 16 by Gabriel fon Ronsenburg


Place 15 by Fiona “Fixc” Cheng

image (2)

Place 14 by Rohit K


Place 13 by Arthur ‘maulmann’ Heilmann

20181209114317_1 - Kopie

Place 12 by Jake Mastay


Place 11 by Kelton ‘Rakata’ Sullivan


Place 10 by Javier ‘Grimbel’ Arriaga

CrossCode Min v1.0.2-2 12_14_2018 1_43_59 PM

Place 9 by Adrian “Firecrow” Boivin

image (3)

Place 8 by Felipe ‘The Sparkstar Scope’ Almeida


Place 7 by Kriem


Place 6 by Joshua Hendriks

crosscode contest

Top 5 Submissions

Following this are the Top 5 that will each win a physical copy of the CrossCode Soundtrack

Place 5 by Charles “CheesewheelJones” Rutherford

CrossCode Min v1.0.2-2 12_13_2018 7_36_20 PM

Place 4 by Smaland47


Place 3 by Alex ‘Aeon’ ZeMans

npc contest

Place 2 by Andrew “RinTheWanderer” Beals

Screenshot (14)

Place 1 by Joseph “Noel” Cobranchi


And that’s it! Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated! There have been a lot more great submission but in the end, we had to make a choice.

Until next time!


  • Congratulations to all the winners!
    I really wanted to read all the conversations, but it seems I will have to wait.
    By the way, Christian Eickenfonder is a cheater! Look at his HP! And he is already in Rhombus city! This is unheared of!

    • Little clarification: this screenshot was made by us since we changed the position of that NPC. So that means that we developers are the cheaters in this case. :P

  • Hey, if you have enough of these contests, then CrossCode will be stuffed to the brim with funny dialogue!

  • Wow, so close to first. I guess if it was read by 4 people maybe it was someone’s favorite.

    Can’t wait to actually read all these in the game.

  • …So I just saw an interesting article on…….

    Well played, friends.

    Well played.

  • Place 12 is broken in the german language

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