New Game+ will arrive in September & Gamescom!

Hello everyball,

more time has passed but we’re finally getting closer to the next release! Also, we’ll be at Gamescom! And Plush Leas!

Version 1.2 to be released in September

That’s right, only one month to go. Pretty much exactly one to be precise, because the release is going to be on September 13th!

That’s a Friday… Friday the 13th. D:

Version 1.2 comes with New Game+ and as we mentioned last time it is technically feature-complete. However, we wanted to add a little extra for some of the options. Namely: New Dialogs.

Yeah… turns out doing insane damage transforms Lea into… something else. Depending on what options you choose, some other story related dialogs might also change.

This hopefully makes a second run even more enticing for those who are still on the fence.

But wait, there’s more! We also managed to sneak in 3 new cups along with some new pets to buy! The cups are themed around the various quest-related fights and bosses you’ve encountered in the game. To unlock these cups you first need to finish all faction quests. After doing so, the cups will automatically be available to you via the reception lady.

One of the more… exotic pets you can get with the version 1.2.

CrossCode at Gamescom!

CrossCode will once again join the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom!

Where: Cologne Trade Fair (Hall 10.2), Germany
When: August 20-24 (August 20 for business visitors only)

The booth will be managed by our Publisher Deck13, however, part of Radical Fish Games will be visiting Gamescom as well from August 20-22 (Tuesday to Thursday).
If you want to meet us, make sure to follow our Twitter where we’ll let you know when we’ll be at the booth!

You’ll also find something special at the CrossCode booth:

That’s right! Plush Leas are now a thing and you can win one of them at the CrossCode booth!

And if you won’t be able to be at Gamescom, you can get one over the internet as well!

Checkout this Tweet by Deck13 with an opportunity to win one of 5 Plush Leas!

And that’s all for now! See you at Gamescom and otherwise again in September!

Until then!


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