CrossCode 1.2 – New Game+ is out!

Greetings everyball,

the time for version 1.2 has finally arrived! And with it come new arena content and, of course, the New Game Plus!

New Game Plus is out!

The long promised New Game Plus is finally available! And it packs a ton of options that can modify your playthrough for additional challenge, experiments or pure silly fun. As long as you have earned enough Trophy Points to unlock them!

For additional challenge you can, for example, increase the damage you receive and the cooldown of your consumables, give enemies (including bosses!) more challenging attack patterns or reduce the effect of the popular HP Regeneration.

For perfectionist gamers there is even a mode that has poor Lea die after just one hit

Dashing experts and fans of fancy witches can also activate Witch Time, which (heh…) will slow down time whenever you execute a Perfect Dodge!

And if you just want a fun time as an all-powerful avatar of destruction you can activate Sergey Hax and deal ridiculous damage with every attack.

Of course it’ll also be possible to transfer your progress from the old game into the new one, like items, levels, botanics and more.

These are not even all of the modifications you can use. You better take your time to check it out yourself to craft your unique kind of CrossCode experience!

Lastly, some of those options, like Sergey Hax or keeping your old level, will also trigger a few special changes to the game’s dialogue. Certain suspicions may seem very justified all of the sudden…

New Arena Content

As for the game itself, three more cups are now available in the Arena of Rhombus Square:

Faction Rookie Cup, Faction Advanced Cup and Faction Team Cup.

As the names imply, those cups center around revisiting battles from the quests that you have solved for the Factions of Shadoon. How well can you handle them at a high level, with top scores on the line?

Of course to access the cups you will first need to solve all the quests related to the fights.

With 3 more cups and their precious Arena Coins being available, the Arena Shop has extended its offers as well. You can now also find 4 pieces of unique equipment and also 3 precious pets. Ever wanted to have Death itself under your command?

Well, it won’t really help you here but it makes for a cute companion, doesn’t it?


And that’s it for this update! Have fun with the new content and look forward to more in the future!

Until next time!


  • Thanks a ton, guys!

  • That’s so awesome!
    I like how much love you put in this game… every other developer would’ve just released the NewGame+ and thats it but you thought about ‘Plot Holes’ or potential for funny new dialogue coming with ng+

  • I’ve been more excited about this than borderlands 3. Woohoo!

  • Awesome! Good Job!

  • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try NG+ out!

  • Good work,guys!

  • Golden_Fryingpan on September 13, 2019 at 6:08 pm said:

    Sweet ! Every CrossCode update it’s like christmas again and again! Love you people! <3

  • Just started playing the NG+, but it’s close to impossible to do the fights in the tutorial dungeon with my choices. I have Get on my Level enabled and I am Level 67, no further enemy or damage modifiers. But the enemies are way too tanky, without my equipment it’s really hard to take them down. But I can’t use my equip yet, because if I do, the trigger for the fight doesn’t happen. The first fight against the rhombus turrets were grueling, but ultimately possible, but the fight after I get my “first” equipment is nearly impossible. How do I proceed?

  • Thx for the Update!

    Cant wait for Post Story DLC tho!

  • Haobo Zhang on September 14, 2019 at 5:08 am said:

    There’s a sort of bug when using sergey hax. When in the temple mine (and probably the fire temple), the mines will do the same damage to yourself, so… basically an insta kill. :) Haven’t made it to boss yet, not sure if his mines do same damage, but definitely the ones that you launch do that much.

  • Smokeldoggz on September 14, 2019 at 5:20 pm said:

    I remember reading that I could play CrossCode on the PS4 last year. I’m patient so I’ll wait till it’s ready, but please give us an update on it.

  • The game is on xbox game pass for pc, and there isn’t an option to update it. Is this a microsoft issue of something on your end?

  • Hi! Lea!

  • HUZZAH! I am late to the celebration, I know….

    This is awesome, thank you team :-)

    I know this is never going to happen but I feel I should voice this deep desire now…

    Online PvP with other CrossCode players in the Arena please! Maybe for a next major version, if that ever happens….?

    For the sake of keeping it simple, explicitly no in-game chat options (Lea is mute, player is fighting), no rendering other players outside of combat encounter. Just a brawler, and a username, rendered only during match. People can chat in the forum if they feel so inclined.

    That being said………… what about a chat cafe in Rhombus Square? Players who enter and find a table (limited number) can chat with one other player sat at same table, using just Lea’s quips using buttons for those words. Queue the community developing a language based on “Hi!”, “Bye!”, “Why?”, and “Lea.” I mean, that’s four words, you could totally sequence a genome with that. Or just use morse.


  • I Like the ng+ a lot. Thx for the good work. :)

  • Any news on the Switch release? Hoping it gets a Limited Run Games physical release. <3

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