CrossCode: A New Home – Trailer and Release Date

Hello everyball!

As you can see, we finally have news for you regarding the CrossCode post-game DLC!
Not only do we have a trailer for you, there’s also a release date!

The post-game DLC CrossCode: A New Home
will release for Mac & PC on February 26, 2021!
The release for consoles will follow this summer!

You can already wishlist the DLC on Steam!
The price for the DLC will be 8.99 US$.

Here a list of things you can expect:

An extended Rhombus Square that even includes a beach now!

The new area “Azure Archipelago” – ready to be explored!

Finally completing the raid!

The new Ku’lero Temple – probably the biggest dungeon of the whole game.

Several new quests all around CrossWorlds – you might even end up on a highway!

An extension to the main plot – learn more about how things continue for Lea and the others.

Of course, this DLC also comes with new, exciting music tracks to make the final chapter of CrossCode a very memorable one. However, our usual composer Deniz Akbulut unfortunately wasn’t available anymore at this time to make the last CrossCode tracks. He recently has moved to Japan to learn Japanese and enter a university to study music. He had to put his full focus on preparing for the tough entrance exams; his last exam was today actually!

He recommended a good friend of his, who is also incredibly talented, to take over the burden of finishing CrossCode’s soundtrack. So, we are proud to announce that the new DLC will feature new music written by
はがね/STEEL_PLUS (Twitter)!

We know it took us a while, but as always we wanted to tune all those little knobs close to perfection. What came out of it is something we’re very proud of. Thanks for all the support and allowing us to cramp everything in the DLC that we wanted. We did also try to incorporate feedback regarding the difficulty of puzzles (especially those that required precise timings). Once the DLC hits, please let us know what you think of them and the new puzzle element!

And with all that being said… see you again next week, for the release!


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