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Project Terra has been in the works for 9 Months now and we are super happy with the progress. Our last Post has been a while so we thought it’s time to update you guys.
But not just with progress, but with the introduction of Project Terra’s very own protagonist! That’s right folks. It’s time.

Please welcome everyone: Juno o’ Lira!

Here she is, oh boy oh boy. Releasing the design of the character sure is scary. Well anyway. This is her. The protagonist for our new game. Let’s get to know her a bit, shall we?

Juno might look confident in that picture – and she really is when it comes to handling a weapon – but otherwise you’ll find her to be a calm and almost shy person. She prefers the quiet places of nature and likes to avoid crowds of people. She doesn’t mind animals though and in fact, they tend to flock around her. Also she’s not a picky eater. She eats everything. Almost literally.
Next to a sword, Juno will be able to use many more different weapons, both melee and ranged. Yes, that means Project Terra will feature multiple weapons that you will be able to switch through. More on this in a later post though!

Okay, this will have to suffice for now… But we’ll make sure to reveal more when the time comes. Also: Everything is still very much WIP. So while we’re super happy with the design of her character, things like weapon designs and such might still change.

That said, her design isn’t the only thing we worked on. Oh no. She’s already in the game! Say Hello, Juno:

As you can see, quite a lot has changed. While there’s surely more polish to be done, her model is already fully added to the game. Including some new hot attack/shoot animations and a combo system that lets you string together various attacks based on hold, delayed- or dash attacks.
There’s a lot going on under the hood but this post is mostly about Juno so let’s talk about these updates another time! However, feel free to ask us any questions on the usual social media platforms or in our stream on Twitch!

Well… That’s all for now folks. Expect more Juno art in the future as we can finally show her design freely, woohoo.

The Team



  • WOAHHHHHH this looks so awesome so far!!!!
    I love everything about this

  • Sashyadraws on September 14, 2021 at 3:19 pm said:

    something that was a minor issue in CrossCode that I’d love to see a change to in Project Terra is a better way to differenciate heights of platforms, because sometimes when moving fast you misjudge and jump to the wrong pillar, ruining your parkour. Perhaps each height difference could have a slightly different hue of grass/ground, like how you see in elevation maps? Just an idea, but I’m still hype to see Juno and Project Terra development! I’ve been following you guys ever since I played the CrossCode demo back on GameJolt, and love the style and character in your games. Keep up the amazing work!

    • while it seems like it’ll be slightly easier to tell depths in project terra hence the 2.5d environment they have going on, i think this is still a wonderful idea!!! even just small hue changes for each height would be awesome and would make it just that much easier to tell on a whim!

    • Well, they seem to have changed the angle of the camera a little bit, I think that helps.
      The platforms seem more differentiable to me in this build.

    • Did you watch the video? It’s more or less fixed

    • For Project Terra it’s actually feasible to implement things like these.
      I personally wouldn’t go for a global hue shift since it would have too much of an impact on the look of the environment.

      However, some signals or visualization at the edge of cliffs is definitely something we can do.

      • A contextual shift to only the layer you’re currently on might also work, and you could have it not apply when you’re on the ground.

  • Hi!

  • Golden_Fryingpan on September 14, 2021 at 6:19 pm said:

    The long ponytail-braid thingy is a great addition, i’m sure it will make the battle animation feel even more cool and fluid, a wide variety of weapon is really exiting to hear, can’t wait to see where this will lead!

    But yeah it sure look very much in WIP, as based only on what has been shown it looks very alike crosscode, not complaining but i heard this episode has ended so i really wonder what we will see next…..

  • I’m super excited for this game.

    Forgive me if I’m wrong though: I dont mean to accuse at all, but the sword combo she has looks extremely familiar and I can’t put my tongue on it. I hope I’m wrong. Otherwise, it looks awesome.

    • The combo is somewhat inspired from Breath of the Wild, though we did tweak the poses quite a bit. You’ll probably find a lot of games with a similar attack combo, since it’s essentially just a combination of horizontal sweeps. We’ll still tweak combos and add more variety later on.

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