CrossCode 3rd Anniversary 1.4.2 Update and moving on with Project Terra

Hello, everyball!

On this day, 3 years ago, the 1.0.0 full version of CrossCode was officially released for PC, after years of development and Long-Early-Access. We will celebrate this special occasion with a gift to all our supporters and also use the chance to give you an update on our next game, Project Terra!

CrossCode Version 1.4.2 Release

We will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of CrossCode with the last proper (non-hotfix..) release, which would be version 1.4.2!

Luckily it contains almost no new content that we had to actively work on, because the main change would be the removal of the exclusivity of the “Platform-Exclusive Quests”. That’s right, now players on PC can also do the quests that were only available on Switch/XBox/Playstation before, and the same will be true for all the consoles, once the version will be released on them in the near future! Of course this also means that all the related pets can now be found by everyone!

And as an additional goodie, we also added another Custom Cup which allows re-fighting battles from those quests with adaptive levels, so even high-level DLC characters with ascended gear are in for a challenge!

Other changes include Combat Arts for an ally that mysteriously never got any (whoops…), a 5 years overdue fix of a legendary bug regarding music-looping and some more minor bug fixes, typo fixes and balance tweaks!

Project Terra

Regarding our next project, so far known as Project Terra, we are still working on a playable prototype while also refining our editors and creative vision.

In a recent post we also presented the design of our main heroine, Juno! The reception was very positive and we almost instantly received amazing artworks by fans!

For now, we’re still focusing on getting all the core mechanics worked out.

If you’re curious about our next game, make sure to keep an eye on our blog and Twitter, where we’ll post most of our progress.



And with all that being said, it’s time to finally say goodbye to CrossCode after almost 10 years of development.

Thank you so much for supporting us over all those years!

Now, it’s time for us to focus on new things!

Special thanks to YuiKannon, who has done many CrossCode-fanarts in the past, for drawing those amazing artworks! You’ll likely see more art from her in our future posts.


  • Please do more marketing! I know RFG is a small studio, and industry giants have legions of people to pester a consumer 24/7 that their product will cure cancer and only their game will give you happiness, but at the same time it’s impossible to just make an amazing game and expect it to reach people because there’s so much trash competing for our attention. I love CrossCode and I have a lot of confidence that Project Terra will be a worthwhile title, but spreading the word about the game I think was its weakest, and very weak, point. It would be a great shame if PT stayed an “undug gem” just because it wasn’t advertised enough. Godspeed with the project!

    • We (and our future publisher) will do our best our best to market the game but the truth is: it simply is difficult and we can’t afford the marketing big studios do because it costs a whole lot of money.

      That being said, CrossCode was, in fact, a big success for us. The truth is: if you look closely you’ll find a lot of games like CrossCode, that have been received very well, but simply didn’t get the chance to reach the same level of attention the “big indie titles” had. As a consumer, you simply tend to get a different impression due to a positive bias: you mostly happen to know the hugely successful indie games out there (simply by chance – more successful games known by more people) and there’s a lower chance you know the “moderately successful” ones. CrossCode just happens to be the later category.

      Of course, we’d be happy to be one of those “huge indie successes”, but we’re actually quite comfortable with the amount of success we have right now!

      • William Stevens on September 24, 2021 at 1:15 am said:

        We were blessed to have such devoted developers. You can’t just churn out commitment like that in a sweatshop somewhere. Thank you yet again for your devotion and zeal.

  • Excellent job on CrossCode, there are few action-rpgs that have such great art, music and gameplay combined with excellent puzzle design!

    I’m very much looking forward to what you are making with Project Terra, it looks really promising!
    One side question I have, and couldn’t find any information on: Are you going for web technologies for Project Terra as well, and given that, how is the outlook performance wise for a Switch release, given that the performance of CrossCode which is also based on webtechnologies, still is quite suboptimal on the switch?

  • I’ve owned the game for so long I totally forgot it was made in Impact xD I came here from impact’s site, so happy to see you guys still making games! :D

  • Bober Zalter on September 23, 2021 at 6:28 pm said:

    Lea Pass the Burning torch to Juno

    Now it your Turn!

  • CrossCode is such a good game. I start over again and then I will play the dlc for the first time.
    The first impressions of Project Terra looks amazing.

    I would be nice, if CrossCode would get an update, which makes it a “Universal Binary” App for Apple Silicon, so it can remain playable a long time on the macOS platform.

  • Only one word and that too can’t fully describe my feeling : Masterpiece!

  • Crosscode was simply wonderful, and i can’t wait for project terra. though, it would have been nice to be able to use bonus codes on consoles now that all the quests exclusive to each platform are available on all of them. (i really wanna use that caramelldansen code hehe)

  • Guys, I just wanted to sincerely congratulate you for Crosscode, it’s such an original, fun game all the way. It has everything from music to good story and fun combat system. I really enjoy the new game + with the trophies points, it’s a great idea (I rarely saw anyone do it since Chrono trigger sadly but I don’t know that many games). I am a bit late I guess but I just discovered the game after digging a lot. Happy I did. Greetings from France

  • You guys really are amazing. A small studio I had never heard of, and although I got to crosscode late, it’s truly an underrated masterpiece. Best of luck in Project Terra. It seems to take a lot of inspiration and great design from crosscode. Very excited and I wish you all the best of luck!

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