Project Terra Progress

Greetings, everyball, and welcome to 2022!

We’re a little bit late, but we hope you had a Happy Easter holiday!
(Art by YuiKannon)

Well, it sure has been a while, huh? Lots of things happening in the world and we just kinda vanished, so let us have a talk about what we did.

The great news first: The production of Project Terra officially started in February! Since then we made steady progress we would like to share with you!

Also, we released the hopefully last CrossCode-hotfix! Less bugs than ever before!

Project Terra Progress in 2022 so far

We spend a lot of time and effort to built on our prototype from December and implemented many important game- and editor-features. It would take too long to describe all of it in detail, so we will show you a few of the most relevant ones:

A world with only the player and enemies would feel like a lonely and depressing place, so our new project will of course have a variety of interesting NPCs! Lachsen already implemented the core systems for them, plus also a flexible Dialogue System with animated portraits (note the eye-blinking) and a new Cutscene System (not shown) which should make our lives easier going forward.

The designs, assets, and obviously the dialogue are still placeholders at the moment!


Our sprite-artist T-Free implemented more environmental graphics for lively and varied areas. Look at those handsome new trees, swaying in the wind! Speaking of handsome and varied, also check out those NPCs wandering through the maps!

Also, what’s this? Climbable ladders? We might be reaching new heights here!


R.D. worked on many editor-related improvements and additional features, like being able to mask unnecessary water shaders for each cell.


Here is our brand new Icon Editor which allows us to bind icons to keys with direct visual feedback. Big improvement over hard-coding those, as we did in CrossCode!


We can easily blur out parts of the screen with UI elements to improve readability. 


And lastly a UI Debugger that allows us to inspect UI Elements within the game.


Teflora implemented more fluid-like particle movements based on curl noise. Just look what it can do:


Again, so much happened in those months that we can’t show it all in detail, so here is an incomplete list of other progress:

  • Navigation Maps! Incredibly important.
  • A Tag System which will allow for large scale changes to the environment and entities in an area
  • Entity Groups for easier management of entities in events
  • Doors
  • Customizable Gamepad input
  • Audio Event Editor
  • Portrait Editor
  • A lot of editor workflow improvements in general. Very important!
  • Much designing and planning that we obviously can’t show you!


Also, in other news: We officially got the funding for the production of Project Terra from the state!

Thanks a lot again, German Bundestag! We will make you proud!

CrossCode 1.4.2 Hotfix 2

You thought CrossCode was finally, ultimately done forever and ever? Haha, no way!

Well, as stated before, no more content is being developed but there were still some bugs and typos to fix. Most relevant being a few rare softlocks and problems with Ferro in Assist Mode.

However, this might under ideal circumstances maybe potentially be the very last hotfix ever! We will see!! Please enjoy this new and improved less buggy CrossCode!!!


Until the next post, hopefully not as far in the future!



  • Golden_Fryingpan on April 19, 2022 at 7:55 pm said:

    It’s nice to see a post after a while, for someone like me who uses twitter it’s not a lot of news but i’m sure people who check only this website from time to time will see this as some welcome informations.
    In any case, looks very promising, good luck to the team !

  • Really nice to see some news on this site, greetings from a brazilian player!!!

  • I literally can’t wait for Project Terra, it is one of my most wanted games besides Botw 2. Please take as much time as you need to finish the game to make it like you want. And as always stay safe and healthy.

  • Be sure to leave a link for Project Terra when it is available to help fund :)

  • I don’t have twitter anymore and I am only on the discord so this is very good news to me. I can’t wait to see the final product of this game! the new environmental details make me very excited.

  • Are Germans now getting this game without having to purchase it, since we are now literrally paying taxes for it?

    Are there any conditions or requirements towards the game now has to fullfill for that state funding that will impact my enjoyment of the final product?

  • Still waiting for CrossCode DLC release on PS5, it’s been 9 months already…

    • Dandy Demo on June 20, 2022 at 3:06 am said:

      11 months now, still no word on it :(
      I hope the last patch doesn’t mean we aren’t getting it at all.

  • The new graphic features looks nice (3d, face animation, particle effects, weather). And its cool, you show us some creation insights again. I already have the “Shut up and take my money”-feeling. But no, no hesitate. I will wait until this great pice is ready.
    And thank you, for even fixing things on CrossCode.

  • Nekrozys on April 25, 2022 at 8:00 pm said:

    Patching CrossCode again ? Might as well develop New Horizons while you’re at it. What are 2 or 3 years of development anyway? Ah, I’m kidding of course but having just finished the game this week-end, the post-game depression hits hard. It pains me to know I won’t be discovering new areas or dialogs with all these amazing characters.

    CrossCode will forever remain one of my favorite games and I only wish for Project Terra to be even better.

  • TheWorldIsSquare on April 26, 2022 at 6:43 pm said:

    Looking amazing as always. I’m super impressed by the amount of work you guys put into your dev tools.

    Two small gripes with the graphics:
    -The pixel distortion is very noticeable, especially on the trees and bushes. I know crosscode was far from pixel perfect either but the non-pixel-perfect elements were generally smaller (rain particles) or moved very quickly (vegetation).
    -The water -although very pretty- doesn’t blend well with the rest of the environment. It should look hand drawn but it doesn’t: too many colors, colors that don’t look like they were hand-picked, unnatural pixel clusters, too much movement…
    Water shaders may allow for complexity and an abundance of details -which are very tempting- but in my humble opinion, here you should strive for something much simpler. Crosscode’s water had (in most cases) very little in the way of animation, with only a couple of pixels moving left and right to represent the glitter of the sun, but it worked remarkably well.
    I’m not saying you need to have such minimalistic water animations in project terra but I think that even with shaders it should be possible to find some kind of middle ground: water graphics that have a natural feel to them while also blending in with your other environments graphics

  • Just want to say I really enjoy CrossCode and very excited about Project Terra. All the best!
    Blessings from a Taiwan gamer. (ノ>ω<)ノ

  • Jacobacano on May 5, 2022 at 3:08 pm said:

    Can you guys please make an accessible post, maybe even something that can be found with a Google, that explains what is up with PS5 owners of Crosscode still not getting the DLC? Your fans shouldn’t be expected to crawl over the internet to find out what is up (which is “nobody knows what’s up”) and frankly it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and and has me not wanting to support a studio that sweeps issues under the rug and ignores a subset of their base with no communication. You and your publisher both seem to consistently ignore anyone asking on Twitter.

  • Can you tell us when the CrossCode merchandise is finally available?

  • pgleichner on June 21, 2022 at 9:08 am said:

    Your supporters shouldn’t be asked to scour the internet to find out what’s going on (which is “nobody knows what’s going on”), and it honestly makes me not want to support a fnf mod company that brushes concerns under the rug and ignores a segment of their fan base with no communication.

  • Didn’t know where to say this, other than here, so here goes. I think the marking multiple enemies on the chakram wasn’t working too well on your latest uploaded stream. What I think would work is, you aim at an enemy and it locks to that enemy; while the chakram is travelling, if you want to hit a second target, you would start to aim again and the chakram will increase speed on the return and pass the point you aimed at. This will allow hitting multiple enemies without lining them up, and makes coding a natural curving path much easier too.

  • This is a small detail but I REALLY hope Project Terra has the autojump like in CrossCode. I feel like it made the parkour so much more fun.

  • MikaRika on July 24, 2022 at 12:38 pm said:

    Bought Crosscode a while ago and just finished it. Love your work and can’t wait for “Project Terra”! So far looks fantastic.

    Here’s waiting for possible fundraiser so I can just throw my money to you while waiting couple years for release.

  • Wow I’m so hyped about this game!

    And since you got founding by germanys Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infracstructure, you can safely spend time on developing this game without having to worry about money! Very cool!

    I’ll be happily paying my taxes, knowing that it supports you!

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