New Pre-Alpha Footage & Gamescom!

(Art by YuiKannon)

Hello everyball!

It’s been a while since our last blog post and we thought it would be nice to share the latest and greatest about our new project.

We are deep into production and the game is going into a fantastic direction. Everyone is super hyped and we can’t wait to share more!

Gamedev Streams

Talking about sharing: There is a reason why blog posts like these are much rarer these days! Over the course of CrossCode development we noticed that it is much more fun and interactive to live stream development of the game. This not only gives insight into the nitty-gritty of game development but also allows fans to directly interact with us. It has been a blast so far, so we wanted to take this moment to put some spotlight on it.

First the official Twitch: RadicalFishGames Twitch
On these we showcase the latest changes live and talk about our latest obsessions. These are always announced a few hours before they air and usually happen every 2-3 weeks.

Secondly Discord Streams: CrossCode Discord
These happen… whenever one of us feels like it and a casual voice calls where you can watch some of us work hours only to realize we just had to change that one line of code. Neat!


Alright! With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the fresh new footage:

Now with this footage there’s a lot of talk about. This is an early look at the first area of the game called “decide on a name for the area RFG, come on”.
Observant viewers might also notice the shiny new combat, including both ranged and close combat.
And you can finally shoot upwards! Aiming now has a generous auto-aim that makes hitting enemies in the heat of combat much, MUCH easier. Additionally enemies now feature long wind-ups with strong signals so players always know who’s attacking from where.

The world of Project Terra is overrun by a vile corruption that consumes everything in it’s path. One of Juno’s goals will be to cleanse it using her divine armaments. In the video you can already see how an area can change once you accomplish just that. Enemies might still roam the area and can be fought against if wanted. Scars from the blight might however remain!

Don’t worry though. Juno comes equipped with quite the arsenal. Next to the sword and crossbow, a hammer and chakram join the fight. We’ll reveal more weapons as we go. The same goes for the extensive combo- & special attacks system.

A New Team Member

Those that have followed the development might have noticed that a lot of animations have recently been changed. There’s a reason for that. We added a new party member!

Javid, why don’t you say hello?

“Hi! Very excited to be a part of the team! I’m a self-taught 3D Animator with a penchant for learning new things. I’m also extremely fond of old-school JRPGs and video game music. I spend most of my time trying to be productive, at least until a Final Fantasy 14 update is out, then I mysteriously disappear for a few days.

We are all already amazed by how well he adapted to our tools and we can’t wait for all the cool animations he’ll come up with. Welcome to the team Javid!

If you wanna check out some of the stuff he worked on, head over to:
Art Station

New Music

And finally: What you hear in the footage is indeed NEW music by Deniz Akbulut himself! As you clear the corruption, the creepy and otherworldly theme switches to an adventurous theme that helps explore the totally fair and wonderful jumping puzzles! For more musical goodness check out these tweets:

(Note: Just like the footage, these are still WIP)

Building a new World

BUT, that’s not all. Oh no. Under the hood the game has progressed even more. A lot of actual assets for upcoming locations are created and a large part of the new area has been created too. Props to our artists @T-Free, @Martina and @Teekuh !

Here’s a sneak peek at something cool:

Actual overview maps! Via the press of a button you will now be able to navigate the world map in HD. Just like CrossCode you will be able to leave behind markers and we’ll feature special accessibility options to help with finding your bearings in this new world.

Alright, that’s it for updates for today. There’s still much new stuff but we want to keep some stuff on the back-burner so we have more to show overall in future posts.


Gamescom is back, live and in color! And we will be there too! At least some of us… and not to show the game, but to have an excuse to get merch and meet in person.

Still, if you happen to be there and notice some people in a Radical Fish Shirt, that’s us! Come say hi if you like!
We’ll be at Gamescom from Wedneday to Thursday and a bit on Friday, too.
You’ll find more details at the #gamescom-2022 channel in our CrossCode Discord

Welp, we got nothing else. See you next time and don’t forget to check out the streams for more in-depth game development.



  • That’s awesome

  • This looks great!

    Any chance for early access just like with early crosscode?

  • Yay! Always excited to see the progress on this game. Music sounds FANTASTIC, excited to see the different weapon types and how they will impact the combat.

  • Golden_Fryingpan on August 22, 2022 at 8:41 pm said:

    That’s some great news!
    The changing areas and music according to the removal of said “corruption” seem like a very interessting idea, can’t wait to see where it leads.
    Nice to see good old Deniz back on track, i might be a little biased, but i think the music will turn out just right.
    A more detailed map sure will be nice, i know crosscode’s simple map made navigating some platforming puzzles quite something, and with 60-ish chest in gaia’s garden i sure almost ran out of stamps with the 99 limit.
    When it comes to the auto-aim for ranged i can only tell you on thing; i’ve played orignal DOOM I & II for hundred of hours, and it thought me that autoaim will ultimately betray you at some point.

    Anyways, that’s some neat features, good luck going forward!

  • I loved CrossCode, but this doesn’t catch me.

  • Of course it’s just a pre-Alpha, but this looks very close to Cross Code. Maybe too close. CC is a great game, but I must say I sincerely hope Project Terra will be able to become its own thing, separate from the former.

    • It’s already its own thing if you think about it.
      Manual jump is a thing in Project Terra. 3D graphics as well. And even if the UI is similar, well, consider it a style from RadicalfishGames, which is not your typical AAA game studio with massive capital and money estimated in Billion of dollars. RadicalFishGames is an indie Studio.
      Please appreciate their hardwork and don’t mind too much if it’s similar to CrossCode.
      It comes from the same developer after all.

  • No, no, no… Not the jump evade. :(
    Ninja dashing is better, ninja tackling(ref. Ninja Gaiden 3 tackles) is better.
    Not this X(.
    OK, I wasn’t serious. In all honesty, it’s not bad, but dash evade, or tackle evade is much much more stylish. Just a question of taste, and it’s a minor matter.
    But yeah, great work RadicalFishGames team.
    I however hope you do teach your game coding and design skills someday, even if it’s years later, before you quit this world.
    Would be sad if you let the library in your brains die with you as you go away. You’re more amazing than you think. Please don’t hesitate to consider education purposes once you have much more time for yourselves.

  • Given how good Cross-Code was, guaranteed I’ll buy this game as soon as it becomes available

  • William Stevens on August 27, 2022 at 8:48 am said:

    I’m already loving the music. Here’s hoping the soundtrack will be as good as CrossCode’s!

  • William Stevens on August 27, 2022 at 8:56 am said:

    There is this simple charm to the game that’s hard to describe; I remember something similar from Ocarina of Time or Majora’s mask. In any case, I feel that the style is right on track. Good luck with the rest of the game!

  • Lots of good stuff, but I’m very worried about auto aim.
    If you remove aiming from ranged attacks, it’s just a boring melee attack with infinite range. It also adds a lot of ambiguity to player control because it’ll be out of my hands which target will be focused on edge cases.

    Recently played Pronty and I considered combat to be a snoozefest because of how much it didn’t trust the player to do or learn anything. Please be wary of such a pitfall.

    If you’ll have to keep it, consider making playing without ranged largely viable ( at least measured by combat effectiveness ), maybe some folks like me would be grateful for it. CrossCode has pretty much perfect controls and this part of combat seems like a 3D induced step back.

    Also, I didn’t notice before this update that the MC has 16 directional sprites, that’s absolutely lunatic. I shiver at the thought of having to animate that, and it all looks outstanding.

  • P.T. Looks lovely, the 3D art style looks like a genuine upgrade along with general quality of life improvements. Seeing the development process and early character models really helps me to appreciate it.
    Only criticism from CC was not being able to see items, weapons or armour – in the menu and on the character that was what I always loved about getting new gear, seeing that in action and helps me to remember what’s what. That being side I know it is a lot of work. So here is for the hoping.
    Very excited to see more, and will be buying all your games at full price.

  • Certainly a CrossCode successor. But very pretty looking, I love what they’ve done with the graphics and art direction. Right now combat looks like a carbon copy of CC and definitely needs to have its own personality. I hope they’re able to create gameplay that is unique and interesting without sacrificing that great momentum and flow that made its predecessor so much fun to play.

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