Happy New Year and Progress from Radical Fish Games!

Greetings everyball and Happy Holidays a Happy New Years to all!

So another year has come and gone, huh? Time sure flew fast in hindsight, especially when you look back at those months since the last blog post.

However, the time has not been squandered, as progress on Project Terra has been made! And today is finally the time to give you another update!


First of all, Happy (late) Holidays of 2023!

Obviously they have already come and gone, same for the recent New Years, but we still wanted to share this holiday art of Juno and Filia by the ever talented YuiKannon.

Recent Progress on Project Terra

Since our last progress update in August, Project Terra has been steadily progressing in various areas. With technical aspects getting finished up, we can hopefully soon dedicate more and more focus on creating the actual content of the game!


Two additional weapons have been added to Juno’s arsenal!

The first being the Spear, a long and fast pierce-type melee weapon that can whittle enemies down with speedy pokes but also packs some wide range combo attacks.

Note that this clip also shows some new progress on already existing weapons, namely additional attacks and combos for the Sword, Hammer and Crossbow.

The second one is another ranged weapon, the Kama, also known as “chain-sickle”, “sickle on a chain” or “that badass ninja weapon on a chain”.

As you can see, it will be essential for some puzzles, because it allows Juno to pull herself to certain objects and drag others towards her.

PS: Did you notice the mid-air aiming slowdown near the end?

With this we got 6 out of 8 total weapons implemented at their core, though they will still need more polish and additional attack combos .


Another aspect making a lot of progress are our Menus! The first being the always important Quest Menu.

Also, the already existing Item Menu has received some more polish and options to keep your inventory easier to manage.

At the end you can also see the Save Menu that was finished recently!

Not shown but equally important is the tasty Cooking Menu which is a lot of work but steadily progresses to its nutritious completion! 🍳


As for things to find during explorations, we implemented some of the first destructible and interactive entities which will drop items. However, unlike in CrossCode, with some of them you will need to interact with from up close to get their precious contents!

On a related note, treasure chests have also been re-worked, though they still need proper graphics.

Nighttime Visuals

As for visual features, lights and props have been enhanced to better handle the various levels of brightness in the day & night cycle of our game.

This sure does a lot to create a fitting night-time atmosphere, doesn’t it?

… Wait, “day & night cycle” I hear you ask? Yes, this will indeed be a feature in Project Terra. However, we can already tell you that it won’t be happening in real-time, to give control to the player and prevent time pressure.

New Content

Now let’s finally get into some content-related progress after all those features!

More work has been done on the NPC characters populating the settlements and offering their help and quests to our heroine!

Other content progress includes but is not limited to more puzzles and polish for the first dungeon, as well as work on the next area, specifically mapping, fight & scene sketching and designing new enemies!

Well then, of course there is still a lot to be done, so we will use the energy from the recent holidays to push forward again. Game needs developing and our biggest priority now, with most features checked, is creating a “Vertical Slice” by filling up the first area with all the content you’d also expect in a finished game to get a representative impression of the overarching pace and feel of our game!

With that we will say goodbye for now and get back to work. Hoping for a happy and productive year of 2024!

Until next time!


  • Every single update is looking so amazing, OMG! I feel like I’m already in love with this game way before it’s even out. The graphics are so pretty, the combat looks so juicy, and even the UI is just *MUAH*!

    Am I correct in my assumption that you’re taking heavy inspirations from Secret of Mana? I reckon CrossCode was already inspired by SoM (among other games), but this feels like it carries even more of its DNA. I swear, this looks like just the spiritual Mana successor I’ve always dreamt of. I was always hoping for a game that took the core gameplay of Secret of Mana, but leaned even more heavily into the multiple weapon combat gameplay. Taking all those different weapons and fusing them with the action-packed and stimulating combat style of CrossCode feels like just the thing I needed!

    • Indeed somehow familiar, but SoM doesn’t have so many puzzles to solve. I would say the weapons are both normal, and so should their movements be.

  • Lil GuyLad on January 12, 2024 at 8:15 pm said:

    That garden in the nighttime showcase already looks GORGEOUS! Imagine the final version, maybe there can even be a garden in every hub area :p

    Though the Twitter embeds absolutely obliterate the quality of every video for some reason. Even when (I think) they’ve finished loading they still look like a mess.

    Maybe it’s something on my end, idk?

  • Steffen de Boer on January 13, 2024 at 12:04 am said:

    I can’t wait to see more. The UI of a game is often an overlooked, but it does matter. The Quickselect menu in Crosscode was great, having a menu without really opening it is just good for the flow of a game. Will there be any News about Music and Sound effects? I hope that the sound effect for a melee hit will change. It sounds like a hit on crystal with an iron bell, not very pleasant.

  • Oh, it’s cool
    Can u post more stuff here, not Twitter?

  • Im so excited for this game! I loved crosscode and this looks even better. I can’t wait to see it finished :D

  • Beautiful! You guys deserve so much more attention honestly. Crosscode was a brilliant game, story, combat and characters, it was great! I wish this game had pets or monster capture… Like in Crosscode, there were some monsters I would have loved to capture to summon for battling monsters or those pvp. I hope when this game is released, it becomes popular.

  • I was keeping my opinions on Project Terra a bit reserved up until this update – wow! This one really caught my attention, all this work is looking great especially coming from Cross Code which was already impressive in so many ways. Keep up the fantastic work Radical Fish team!

  • Looks like some incredible progress!

    …..but this blog post only appears to have 1 image on it? None of the social media posts in the blog post itself appear to have any associated images for me :-(

  • Will there be laser bridges? Asking for a friend.

  • NoNameGiven on January 30, 2024 at 4:33 pm said:

    Game looks gorgeous and the gameplay is just perfect, can’t wait to play it!

  • DaSchmowzow on January 30, 2024 at 7:24 pm said:

    this look so amazing. I am new to CrossCode and the community it has created, but I am already so excited to play this. CrossCode’s controls and flow is quite unmatched in my experience playing arpg indie games. This weirdly feels like the game I always wanted to play if I were to have the desire to explore a truly living and breathing, open landscape. Please take care while continuing the hard work!

  • Hey y’all, loving the developments so far. I was wondering if we could have an area with music like Bergen Village from Crosscode. I really liked the music because it sounded a bit silly and gave a relaxing vibe because of it. After dealing with all the seriousness of other parts of the game, it was nice to return to Bergen village to reset thanks to the music.

  • crosscode_fan on January 31, 2024 at 8:36 am said:

    Hey y’all, loving the developments so far. I was wondering if we could have an area with music like Bergen Village from Crosscode. I really liked the music because it sounded a bit silly and gave a relaxing vibe because of it. After dealing with all the seriousness of other parts of the game, it was nice to return to Bergen village to reset thanks to the music.

  • Guys, i have some questions about CrossCode and send them in u email. But without answer =( May be mail not sent?

  • 4 elements and 8 weapons? Holy cow I’m so excited for the combat mechanism 😍

  • Kortbrit on April 28, 2024 at 7:42 am said:

    any news?

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