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The DevBlog is still alive! + CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange

Greetings everyball and happy Holidays New Year Eastern Long Overdue Blogpost Day! Wow, it is already late April and this year still hasn’t seen a single update on this very blog? That has been pretty neglectful of us and we apologize for leaving this place unused for so long. However, as you might have seen […]

Presenting: Filia! (Also Project Terra Updates)

Hello everyball! Boi oh boi, do we have something special for you today! The team has been hard at work creating amazing art and we feel like it’s about time to reveal more characters to you! That’s why today we present to you: Filia o’ Marmis (Concept Art by @Nomnomroko)

New Pre-Alpha Footage & Gamescom!

(Art by YuiKannon) Hello everyball! It’s been a while since our last blog post and we thought it would be nice to share the latest and greatest about our new project. We are deep into production and the game is going into a fantastic direction. Everyone is super hyped and we can’t wait to share […]

Project Terra Progress

Greetings, everyball, and welcome to 2022! We’re a little bit late, but we hope you had a Happy Easter holiday! (Art by YuiKannon) Well, it sure has been a while, huh? Lots of things happening in the world and we just kinda vanished, so let us have a talk about what we did. The great news first: […]

Project Terra Prototype Completed

Hello everyball! It has been some time since our last post. In the mean time, we’ve been busy wrapping up our prototype for Project Terra. Now we have a couple exciting things to show! Also: CrossCode Console Update