CrossCode 5 Year Anniversary!

Hello everyball!

Today marks the day when CrossCode was released for PC exactly 5 years ago – and we wanted to take a short moment to celebrate the occasion!

CrossCode was an ambitious game and (in several ways) a bad idea for a first project. But despite all the odds, we made it. It took us almost 10 years in total (+consoles +DLC), but we made it!

And that is most certainly thanks to you – all of you, who gave our game a chance! You gave us feedback, when the first demos rolled out on Gamejolt and Newgrounds. You supported us during Crowdfunding and Early Access. You bought the game on the day it released for PC in 2018, or on consoles 2 years later (sorry again for the wait). And even now, 5 years later, many of you still join Lea on her journey through CrossWorlds. Many of you still send us nice words and even fanart!

It’s thanks to all of you, that our very first game was a success and that we, as a team, had a successful entry into the games industry!

We really feel incredibly lucky!

Thank you!

With that being said, here’s a collage of Leas, drawn by several team members:

Oh yeah and about Project Terra: we’re still hard at work! We got a lot of feedback from Gamescom and overall we have a good feeling about the direction the project is going – but there’s still much – too much – to do! We’ll have more stuff to show with the next update!

Until then!

Special thanks again to Yui, for the amazing drawing at the start of the post!

Project Terra Progress and Gamescom 2023

Greetings everyball and welcome to a new blogpost!

With Gamescom 2023 just around the corner, we of RadicalFishGames are excited to announce to not only attend but also have a booth there this time! You can find details further down, if you are interested in visiting us and test a current build of our new game, “Project Terra”!

Speaking of Project Terra, progress has been made since our last post on here, including but not limited to new environment, NPCs, working on the first dungeon and actually executing early parts of the story!

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The DevBlog is still alive! + CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange

Greetings everyball and happy Holidays New Year Eastern Long Overdue Blogpost Day!

Wow, it is already late April and this year still hasn’t seen a single update on this very blog? That has been pretty neglectful of us and we apologize for leaving this place unused for so long.

However, as you might have seen on our (more regularly updated) Twitter, we have not been sitting idle in those last months. Development has been progressing at a steady pace and while we obviously can’t show you everything for spoiler- and “work-in-progress”-reasons, there is still quite a lot to present to you here!

Also, especially fans of CrossCode and its soundtrack may look forward to an announcement about CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange, which was released earlier today!

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Presenting: Filia! (Also Project Terra Updates)

Hello everyball!

Boi oh boi, do we have something special for you today! The team has been hard at work creating amazing art and we feel like it’s about time to reveal more characters to you! That’s why today we present to you: Filia o’ Marmis

(Concept Art by @Nomnomroko)

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New Pre-Alpha Footage & Gamescom!

(Art by YuiKannon)

Hello everyball!

It’s been a while since our last blog post and we thought it would be nice to share the latest and greatest about our new project.

We are deep into production and the game is going into a fantastic direction. Everyone is super hyped and we can’t wait to share more!

Gamedev Streams

Talking about sharing: There is a reason why blog posts like these are much rarer these days! Over the course of CrossCode development we noticed that it is much more fun and interactive to live stream development of the game. This not only gives insight into the nitty-gritty of game development but also allows fans to directly interact with us. It has been a blast so far, so we wanted to take this moment to put some spotlight on it.

First the official Twitch: RadicalFishGames Twitch
On these we showcase the latest changes live and talk about our latest obsessions. These are always announced a few hours before they air and usually happen every 2-3 weeks.

Secondly Discord Streams: CrossCode Discord
These happen… whenever one of us feels like it and a casual voice calls where you can watch some of us work hours only to realize we just had to change that one line of code. Neat!


Alright! With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the fresh new footage:

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