Radical Fish Games is a small group of game developers who believe that the devil is in the detail.

We rather choose simple graphics and game concepts and max out everything else: good level design, polished controls, high quality assets, many animations and lots of love.

Current Members

Felix ‘Lachsen’ Klein


I love food. That covers the basics. I’m also a computer-science student (doing my PhD). I like to write code, polish it over and over and still manage to have a messy result. I do drawings and sprite-art exactly the same way. I’m one of the Co-Founders of Radical Fish Games and do most planning, technical stuff and several graphics for CrossCode.

Stefan ‘R.D.’ Lange


I’m a programmer, probably the best programmer ever. I’m a computer-science student too (doing my master) and the Code-Janitor of CrossCode.  When Lachsen changes things I’m the one who cleans up the mess (Oh, and sometimes I even write new code!). I’m also a Co-Founder of Radical Fish Games and do most of the PR-work, because I’m funny. Everybody else is grumpy (but don’t tell them)!

Deniz ‘Intero’ Akbulut


I’m the man who is responsible for all that music in CrossCode. I am also probably the laziest member of the team and yet everyone seems to think otherwise. I recently started studying computer-science just like the rest of the team. I also have a big interest in art & game design and one day I am going to develop my very own indie-game!

Flora ‘Teflora’ Valentina Valerius Ben Abdeslam Ben Modeslam Ben Omar Mohammed Abdeslam


First of all: Yes, that’s my real name!
I love music, that’s why I’m making music, mainly electronical, but for CrossCode I made a whole bunch of sound effects. And I have to admit, it’s the first time I made such sound effects.
Beside of that I’m a computer-science student in my early years, but have been a programmer for a long time, favorable C# and Java.

Martina Brodehl


Why does everyone have a cool nickname but I don’t? Joking aside, my job here is to help out with some of the needed graphics, to be precise the environmental kind as I don’t have the patience to deal with animations. I am a communication design student and always sleep-deprived, which is why I really love taking naps whenever I can.

Henning ‘GFlügel’ Hartmann


Hello, my name is Henning and I have a problem I like game mechanics. And stories. So I want to contribute towards a game with enjoyable game mechanics and story. That’s what I’m doing here. Hopefully.
And as to not completely look like some lazy idea guy I also do some additional graphics once in a while.

Thomas ‘T-Free’ Fröse


Always struggling to improve in arts and animation, I have become a quite sophisticated spriter and artist in the course of many years. In CrossCode, I’m responsible for helping out creating and breathing life into characters and making battle animations and explosions flash and flicker. Get ready for some eye-candy!

Daniel ‘The_question’ Tillmann


As a musician with a passion for cooking, I am doing some graphics for CrossCode.
Confused? Yeah, me too! Like Martina I’m more of an environmental designer, as I’m rage-quitting every animation I’m starting. Aside from that, I’m the head of the radiation protection division in some big hospital.

Fabrice ‘Frece’ Magdanz

Does Concept Art and stuff!

Avatars by hyouto (aka. chibi)

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