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CrossCode DevLog #64
Steam Greenlight is going amazing!

Alright! DevLog on Monday again (more or less). Getting closer to the original schedule. Also stuff happened: Steam Greenlight is running like crazy, we had our awesome livestream with Dekay on Saturday and all the while we still made progress with CrossCode! I’m not even sure how we managed to do that!

Optimizing an HTML5 game engine using composition over inheritance

UPDATE( July 8, 2019): Turns out we misunderstood the meaning of “composition over inheritance” and were actually talking about regular “inheritance” all the time. The article was modified to correct this. Hey, everybody! Due to some vacations and other distractions we’re not quite ready to give you our bi-weekly CrossUpdate. However, as promised, we now […]

CrossCode – How to GUI System

Hello and welcome to another technical post! This time we want to talk about the GUI-System in CrossCode! Some people have asked us how we draw GUI elements and how we handle animations and all. Well today we gonna answer these questions… hopefully!

Technical: Music and Sound

It’s time for a new technical post! As promised today, we want to share with you how we implemented music and sound in CrossCode. This includes how we used the WebAudio API to increase the sound quality and make perfect loops possible. Any code you will encounter is not directly from the game and might […]

Path Finding in CrossCode

The path finding algorithm of CrossCode was just recently developed, but works already fairly well. Overall, we’re pretty enthusiastic about the result. That’s why we’re happy to answer your requests to share some of the ideas and optimizations behind this new feature. For starters, we have a short video demonstrating the overall performance of the […]