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Architecture of CrossCode #1 – Overview

We got several requests from readers to write more about game add-ons and features. However, talking about add-ons and features alone might be confusing and difficult to understand without knowing the rest of CrossCode’s architecture. So that’s why we decided to start a small series about the architecture in CrossCode in general. This series will […]

Weekly Update #7 Technical: Gamepad

Hello there! since both of us are packed with tons of work, we want to use this Weekly to make a technical post about how we use the Gamepad API and why it’s so awesome. Gamepad API First, this post will only talk about us using the API in Chrome. Currently only Chrome supports the […]

Weekly Update #1

We decided to pop out a weekly update on each Sunday. There will be weeks where we don’t have much to tell but at least you know we still alive! Map System For maps we use the impact.js 2D Map Editor Weltmeister. The editor is awesome, but the type of the map (e.g. a collision […]

Movement Physics of CrossCode

Some people (actually, just one person) asked us on how we modelled the movement physics of CrossCode, e.g. how does the keyboard input influence the movement speed of the player. Thus, in this post we’ll write about CrossCode’s movement physics. First of all: These physics are not modelled after reality but rather on how well […]