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A new Challenger Arrives!

Well, this is awkward… For those of you who remember, we were hiring a while ago. And we said we would announce our new member soon. BUT WE ALL FORGOT. Everyone is working hard on the new project so the announcement kinda went under. Oops. Anyway! Today we like to announce the newest member our […]

Upcoming Update 1.2: New Game Plus!

Hello everyball! It’s been almost 2 months since our 1.1 Release, so we thought it’s due time for another update. Let’s jump right into it!

Announcement! Changes to Free Demo next week!

With this post we want to inform everyone that we are going to have some changes for the demo that is available for free right now.

CrossCode now on Steam in Early Access!

Yes, we did it. Enter the hype.

CrossCode DevLog #62
Menu, More Food, Parallax and Shops!

Welcome back! This week we have created a simple shop to use in the upcoming update, an awesome animation for consumables, added parallax layers and fixed tons of smaller issues. We also remixed the exploration area so that you can progress a bit faster while looting all the treasure!