CrossCode Update #55 Graphics, more graphics and keyboard configuration

Hi everybody, we’re back with another update!

Unfortunately there is not too much to show this time around. That doesn’t mean nothing happened, though. In fact we created a lot of graphics. But since nothing is properly integrated yet, there is a lack of fancy screenshots. Still, we have a couple of gif animations for you!

Enemy Graphics

T-Free has been working on new enemy graphics and animations. First of all our Hedgehog enemy now got an idle animation.


In addition he continued working on the new Meerkat enemy which will be finished soon. Here some impressions:



Following this will be third enemy. There are no finished graphics for this one, but there is a sketch:


Can you guess what kind of enemy it will be? :D

The goal is to finish all these enemy graphics this month. So stay tuned for more stuff in the next update!

A new character

I’ve been working on graphics for a new, unknown character.

Here a small impression:

Doing the animations of this character has been a lot of work. That’s because you will actually play this character (at least for a short time). And as you might guess from Lea, playable characters come with a ton of animations… But it’s mostly done already! And my hand hurts because of it!

So, “Who is this character?”, you ask? Sorry, we won’t tell you for now. In fact, we will probably keep this a secret all together. Each game needs its mysteries, right? :P

However… this won’t stop us from showing you a concept art as well:


Keyboard Configuration and more Options

R.D. took on the tedious work of making the keyboard controls of CrossCode configurable.
That’s right, now you can play CrossCode with any keyboard imaginable!

This is how the keyboard options page looks like:


When you click one of these keys you will get this prompt to submit a new key:


In addition to the key binding, R.D. implemented a couple of other options.

So, if you’re not a fan of numbers, you can now disable the status HUD and/or damage numbers:


Note: The screen will still blink red when you are low on HP. So you’re not entirely clueless about your status. :D

Boss Battle and Physics Stuff

And what else? Intero finished a first version of the boss battle

I fixed those.

And finally, CrossWeek is getting closer! We now decided for a date: We’ll get together and push CrossCode from October 9th to 15th! Expect lots of new stuff, afterwards!

And that’s all for this update. Until next time!


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