CrossCode: CrossWeek Completed!

The 4th CrossWeek has just been completed! 6 Radical Fishes met somewhere in Hannover and worked on CrossCode full-time for 8 days straight!
It has been a tremendously productive time – and also a lot of fun!

This was the first CrossWeek where we used a proper Task Board!

IMG_1998That was the task board after the first day!

IMG_2028…and here at the end of the CrossWeek. We managed to finish almost all the tasks we set out to complete and more!

And here is roughly what we did:

  • 9 new enemies spritesheets completed including two midboss enemies!
  • 7 enemies fully implemented with plenty of fierce attacks and tricky weak spots
  • 8 new jungle maps created with rough terrain for crazy jumping puzzles
  • 6 1/2 jungle maps filled with lovely details and vines everywhere
  • 30+ new sounds added for puzzle elements, background and enemies
  • Several small technical features, bugfixes and internal editors
  • A lot of progress on a new CrossCode poster!

And because numbers are pretty boring, here some images and GIFs:




We also had a fun time in general!

IMG_1991Doing ridiculous amounts of shopping!

IMG_1999Fun cooking!

IMG_2017Delicious food!

Everything was great… until the burning started.

IMG_1996Burning toast.

IMG_2002Burning hamburger buns.

burned-paddiesBurning veggie-burger patties.

IMG_2014Burning. Cereals.

So before we’d manage to burn down the entire kitchen, we decided to just go out for dinner on a Sunday. Also Sezui, one of our generous backers from the Indiegogo campaign, joined us!

IMG_2006Very delicious burgers!

Following this, absolutely nothing else went wrong!


And this concludes our fourth CrossWeek!

Now it’s time for the final sprint for version 0.8, that we still plan to release around end of September!


  • Andrew Branyan on September 8, 2016 at 9:44 pm said:

    So hyped! I already love this game. I’m finding it hard to be patient and wait for the game to fully release before I finish all of the betas. (I’ll probobly replay it when it’s completely done anyways because I’m a huge nerd) LOL

  • Keep up the good work guys, this game is really shaping up into something amazing!

  • Need more Panzer!?

    Awesome week ^^

  • How do you burn cereals? You don’t even have to heat them before eating. I guess it must be a thing only pros can do.

    • The cereal was readily burned inside the package. I don’t know how that happened and it’s the first time it happened to me as well. I just thought it matched the general theme of burning things.

  • Do I spy online multiplayer in the todo? Is this going to be some sort of PvP arena thing, coop, or maybe both?

  • WOOW. It’s looking so cool. Really. I can’t wait for 0.8.1 update >_<. Maybe because I'm Nerd and computer maniac heh. I'm full of hope that 0.8.1 update will be in this month. I have 0.7.1 update version. I really wanna go to fire temple. But I'm afraid because friend of Lea (I don't remember her name xd) said to don't go without her. And after 0.8.1 update. I'm afraid that she's gonna be mad or something. That's all from me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. THIS GAME IS GONNA BE MAYBE EVEN MORE POPULAR THAN GTA5. Really. Don't mess it up RadicalFishGames. Every night I have dreams about 0.8.1 update. And sometimes about full game release. I hope it's gonna be fast and without bugs. You're Awesome ^^.

  • Great job guys, I’m so happy to see a bunch of people like you trying to do a good old RPG. Don’t give up, what you are doing is awesome.

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