Weekly Update #18 – NPCs and 3D positional sound

Another week is over! This update is a bit late.

Well, we decided that Thursday to Sunday is a good time frame for weekly updates to appear. :D

Anyway, we made a lot of progress especially over the end of this week. We worked on two major features: NPCs and 3D positional sound.

NPCs – Finally stuff to talk to!

We recently worked on path finding, the dialog system and the level editor (weltmeister). Putting all the work together, we finally got our Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) – an essential part of any RPG (yeah, don’t forget – CrossCode is supposed to be one).

Since it’s much nicer to demonstrate NPCs in action, we prepared a small video for you:

As you can see our NPCs can behave quite dynamically. They can move around in one map or simply leave the map and go to another place. They are even capable of opening doors! It’s amazing! (well, at least it was a technical challenge to some extend…)

You can also see the dialog system in action. Note that we will have more facial expressions for the characters in the final game. Currently the focus is still on getting the technical stuff done.

3D positional sound

Using WebAudio, we managed to create 3D positional sounds. This feature probably still needs some more fine tuning, but technically it works well. Our next goal is to play the background music via WebAudio as well.

That’s all for this week!
For next week it’s very likely we won’t have any big news for you – busy times are ahead, unfortunately not CrossCode related.

In anyway, you’ll hear from us!


  • Very nice ;]
    Especially the 3d sound!!

  • Someone on May 20, 2013 at 5:38 pm said:

    random text here.

    This looks awesome! I highly approve of both this and some new locations you showed us. Are they just beta areas, or is there going to be something else there?

    (also, you spelled quiet wrong; you spelled it quite. It’s quite a quiet mistake.)

    One final thing: the NPCs seem rather fast. I’d say either slow them down or add some dust behind them to show that they’re running.

    • No, these are mostly just test areas for us.

      Thanks for the typo hint! :) Since English is not our native language, it helps if people tell us if we wrote something wrong (even if it is just a test area).

      Speed can be changed for sure. It is really just testing things out. Dust can be added, but we thought we might only do this if you run on dirt. Only on harder impacts (like landing) some dust occurs inside the ship :D

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