CrossCode Release Trailer + 0.9.8-8 Update

The new release trailer is out, once again made by MultiMedia AMDG and featuring Animations by VanAnimation (Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt)!

It includes a few clips of new content but we made sure not to spoil the big surprises!

Live Stream on Release Day


We’ve been doing gamedev streams now for over 3 years resulting in over 100 Stream drawings!

That’s why we thought it would be appropriate to have a very special live stream on September 20 when we release the game!

The big difference: we will meet up in Frankfurt, visit our Publisher Deck13 and stream live from their office! Most RFG developers will be there and guests as well!

Get ready for some talking about behind the scenes stuff, reflecting on the overall development and of course… Anime talk. Probably. A little bit.

You might also be able to win some stuff! Please gief view!

You’ll be able to watch the whole thing on our Twitch channel.

A content-free update of the Game!

With this post we also release a small update for the game! And it’s entirely content-free!

… That means this update doesn’t add any new content. Or fixes. Or any other changes to the game, really.

Instead, we finally updated the version of NW.js, the software we use to run CrossCode! From our experience so far, this hopefully means that the game will run faster and more stable for most of you. If instead you have troubles with the new version, please let us know in the forum or via E-Mail!

Downgrading NW.js

If the new version doesn’t work for you at all, you have the option to manually downgrade NW.js back to the old version using one of the following instructions:

For Windows and Linux

  1. Open the installation folder of CrossCode (e.g. within Steam Apps)
  2. Delete all files and folders except for the asset folder
  3. Download the alternative files ( Windows | Linux 32 | Linux 64 ) and extract them into the installation folder.

For Mac

  1. Open the folder (e.g. within Steam Apps) and backup the assets folder found in Contents/Resources/app.nw/
  2. Replace the folder with this one
  3. Copy the asset folder back into Contents/Resources/app.nw/

Note: Whenever CrossCode is updated by Steam (or other platforms) it automatically updates NW.js again, so you will have to repeat those steps after each update. Sorry!

To Do List Update

Since we’re so close to release, we thought it’s okay to skip the To Do List update for August. Those are actually quite a bit of work. In any case, the short version is: most content has been completed.

Until very soon!


  • Golden_Fryingpan on September 7, 2018 at 6:56 pm said:

    Well i hope that the livestream will be BEFORE the release, because if it’s at the same time nobody will watch the stream….because they’ll be to buisy PLAYING THIS AWSOME GAME!

    Finally the full release! The hype is REAL.

  • Random props: You picked the best composer possible for the soundtrack. I’ve fired this game up before just to loop the title screen. Just decided to check out some more of it on Soundcloud and it is excellent. I’ll be grabbing the OST.

    Also ( random as well ): I am sure it would be a much bigger task than meets the eye, but if this ever does come out for Switch I will buy it again. Jus’ sayin’

    • ditto on that last sentence. if this got a switch release, I’d buy it day one. portability is not something to pass up with this game.

  • I will definitely watch this stream! It’s been so long since your started your crowd funding. So far CrossCode has never disappointed me. Keep up the good work… thanks!

    (btw we still have to talk about that physical release stuff. I hope there will be one as well.)

  • David Bradbury on September 16, 2018 at 7:54 pm said:

    Heya, I was told in February that I’d be contacted about implementing the food perk that would definitely happen in time for 1.0. Has this been worked on and/or is there time for that to happen by 1.0?

    • Hey there!

      We worked on the backer food and those that wrote us back already have their food integrated. Sorry for not getting back to you for feedback (as there really was very little time left), however, if you don’t like anything about your backer food entry, we can still adapt things post 1.0

      • David Bradbury on September 21, 2018 at 12:41 am said:

        Oh awesome, congrats! And no worries – I’m downloading the game now, haven’t played it since the demo. Will I be able to run into my item just going along or is it in a specific area for that and other people’s items? Congrats again on the release!

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