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CrossCode: Hi-Lights of the unspecified time period + next CrossWeek!

Hello everyball! It’s time for more Hi-Lights that we can’t call “weekly” with a straight face anymore. Sorry! But at least we are closing in towards the next big release, weeee~! And there’s also another special announcement further down!

DevLog #70: Milestone 0.3.0, Quest Menu, Story Progression and Bergen Trail Expansion

Welcome everyone, to our first regular DevLog in over a month! Yeah, there has been a lot going on in terms of events, so we need to make up for the lack of regular CrossCode-updates now: We’ll tell you about the 0.3.0 Milestone and it’s release date, show off our fancy new Quest Menu, first […]

DevLog #69: “Last Minute Heroes”-Raffle, Gamescom 2015 and next Milestone 0.3.0

Get Early Access for CrossCode on Steam Welcome everyone to our newest DevLog, as usual later than expected. Yeah, sorry for that! This time we will finally announce the “Last Minute Heroes”-Raffle (which is also long overdue at this point), our attendance at this years Gamescom in Cologne and our next Milestone!

Released CrossCode Version 0.2.1!

Get Early Access for CrossCode on Steam It’s finally done! The Early Access Version of CrossCode has been updated to Version 0.2.1! Your game will automatically update via Steam.

About E3 2015 and IndiesCrashE3

Just a quick post to clarify something a lot of people might be wondering about. With E3 2015 just around the corner a lot of people might be wondering whatever happened to IndiesCrashE3 and their IndieClicker minigame. Back then we were able to secure a place among the Top5 and would therefore be able to […]