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CrossCode Release Schedule and more

Hello everyball! So November is about to end and some of you are probably waiting for news about the next update. Well, here they are! And not only that, we also plan to talk about planned future updates and finally answer the big question: When will there be more Story?

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Contest Winner

It has been some time, so let’s talk about recent progress! But first: time to conclude the Zir’Vitar Boss Contest!

CrossCode: Hi-Lights + 0.8 Release Date

Hello everyball! End of September is drawing close and we promised an update to version 0.8. We’ll keep that promise… with just a few days delay! The release of version 0.8 is scheduled for October 3, 2016!

CrossCode: Hi-Lights of the unspecified time period + next CrossWeek!

Hello everyball! It’s time for more Hi-Lights that we can’t call “weekly” with a straight face anymore. Sorry! But at least we are closing in towards the next big release, weeee~! And there’s also another special announcement further down!

CrossCode: Hi-lights of the …Weeks!!

Okay, we know, we know. We’re late again with our “weekly” Hi-Lights. We got got caught up in work and maybe playing Overwatch! So we’re not to blame, right? Anyway, let’s get right into this because this Hi-Light has tons of new stuff for the upcoming update, so grab some popcorn and get comfy!