CrossCode DevLog #64
Steam Greenlight is going amazing!

Alright! DevLog on Monday again (more or less). Getting closer to the original schedule. Also stuff happened:
Steam Greenlight is running like crazy, we had our awesome livestream with Dekay on Saturday and all the while we still made progress with CrossCode! I’m not even sure how we managed to do that!

Greenlight going strong

So you remember, about 6 days ago, CrossCode was put on Steam Greenlight. You know that competition where all those games (about 1700 at the moment) try to get into the Steam store. So guess where we are standing right now?

We are #60! After 6 days only! (actually, at the time of writing, we’re already at #57… too lazy to update the image right now :P ).

Everyone, this is amazing! We didn’t expect this kind of impact. CrossCode is sky-rocketing up the charts:


Thanks to everyone who voted for us!
Let’s see how much higher we can get with CrossCode!

Let’s play more CrossCode!

Greenlight is going strong and the Indiegogo campaign is just around the corner, starting at February 25th. What now?

Let’s spread the word! Because yeah… for a successful crowdfunding we need a lot of people playing and talking about CrossCode. :D
If you know some people who might like CrossCode, please tell them. And if they want to do a Let’s Play – that’s even better!

If you want to actively help us spread the word, please have a look at this forum post.

Oh and another way you can help is to simply rate and follow CrossCode on Gamejolt.

Concept art, puzzle effect and faster cutscene skipping

Let’s talk about CrossCode stuff, shall we?

First of all Frece and T-Free are back in action and working hard on designing the villages and towns of CrossWorlds!

Frece already delivered an awesome new concept art for the heat village area:

(Click to see the image on Frece’s deviant art page!)

And just because it’s cool to look at, here is how this piece evolved over time:


Meanwhile T-Free is working on the actual ingame graphics. Here a small preview for a new area:


Of course, this is WIP. We still plan to add a lot of details and shading here.

Okay, now about puzzles! Remember bounce switches? I made them more shiny now:


I worked over the whole puzzle area in general and it’s now polished to a point that it’s basically ready for the crowdfunding release! The puzzle mode is now about two times as long as before and features a cool boss fight!

R.D. also worked his menu programming magic and added a highly requested feature: a hotkey to skip cutscenes!


It works by pressing a button twice during cutscenes to skip it. You’ll get a message after the first press – as seen in the screenshot – just to warn you what you’re about to do.
By default you’ll also get a prompt after the second press to confirm the skipping once more – but you can disable this one in the options!

I personally love this feature already. Makes playtesting so much easier! :P

There is much more stuff happening in the background. Intero is composing an awesome track for our crowdfunding video, Chibi/Hyouto is drawing awesome new avatars for the whole team, GFlügel is helping me writing those awesome darn press releases and so on~

Busy times!

Awesome Livestream with Dekay

And finally, we had our awesome livestream with Dekay. It ran for almost 4 hours and we had over 1100 people watching the whole time!
We also had a lot of fun discussing several gamedev related things – and even had a look at a very, very early prototype of CrossCode made with the RPG-Maker 2000 (that was at least 8 year ago!).

If you missed the livestream, you can still watch it here (still in German, though :P).

A few highlights:

  • New Puzzle Mode starting at 01:01:00
  • New Puzzle Mode Boss at 01:10:00
  • The very, very old rm2k prototype of CrossCode at 02:54:30

Oh yeah, and those crashes we had during the live stream are fixed already (most likely)!

Phew… Yeah that’s all. Man I’m writing too much text these days. That’s what happens when you start to do serious marketing. @_@
No way around it.

Anyway, until next week!


  • Spookiest Cheese on February 17, 2015 at 2:35 pm said:

    this is amazing! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! do you have an idea about when and how we are going to recieve these updates?

    • Stuff like the new puzzle content + skip cutscene feature will be released with the Indiegogo campaign in February 25th.

      The new areas might take a bit longer. :D You’ll be able to test them sooner via Early Access.

      • Spookiest Cheese on February 17, 2015 at 10:43 pm said:

        cool! I was going to ask about any features you might add in the future (MP, PGDs, LevelCreator, etc.) but if you have any secret features or surprises, I won’t make it awkward.

  • Congratulation! This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

  • CrossCode has been Greenlit!!!

  • sunstrykr44 on February 18, 2015 at 12:59 am said:

    You guys are awesome. I wish you guys the best of luck with indiegogo and everything else.

  • Congratulations on the Greenlighting! You guys deserve it.

  • This game & it’s devs are AMAZING! Thank you again for visiting my channel and hanging out with me while I played the demo! I can’t wait until this game is out.

  • Hello!

    I tried the game, but i can’t see any descriptions on all buttons!?

    Browser: Chromium (Chrome) on Linux Mint (Ubuntu / Debian).


    • Woa… that’s pretty much the first time I ever see this.
      Now some technical details: what happens here is that we prerender the text into an invisible canvas and then draw parts of this canvas into the game. It looks to me that this technique is not really working on this particular Browser+OS configuration… It might just as well be a graphics driver issue. Can you open the dev-console (Ctrl+Shift+J) and tell us if there is any red message displayed there?

      • Hi (: Thanks for the reply.

        My Chromium 37 console only says this and nothing more: KEY BINDING FAILURE. RESET TO DEFAULT CONFIG … game.compiled.js:1031

        I’m not sure what could have changed on my side. Your game worked flawlessly when i played it two months ago (guess i should have mentioned that). Also, i usually can play HTML5 games without problems (i’m even making one myself), no matter if 2D or WebGL.

        I tried it with Firefox 34 now. There it doesn’t even start -> black screen. And the console is filled with this:

        I guess because it doesn’t work in another Browser too, there should be something wrong on my side. I just don’t know what it could be… I didn’t change drivers and other stuff in the last months :|

  • JarJarThinks on February 23, 2015 at 1:15 am said:

    I’m looking forward to the crowd funding, do you know how much will be the pre-order tier during the crowdfunding?

  • Will you have any stretch goals for when you guys get successfully funded? Will there be a tier where you can get a steam code for early access like super chibi knight, since CrossCode got greenlit?

    • Will the Steam version have more content than the regular version? On steam you have to be better than your other versions to get people buy your game.

      • Yes we will have stretch goals and yes, there will be a tier for early access.
        And well… when the game will be released on steam it will have quite a lot more content than the current version. I think that will be a good argument for most people. :D

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