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Radical Fish Games at Devmania + another Let’s Play

Just a short message for in between! This weekend, we’ll visit Devmania, a game developer conference in Mainz, Germany. Click here for more infos about devmania Anybody else going there? We didn’t get any official presentation slot for CrossCode, but we can still show around the current state of the game in small groups, if […]

About us #2

Hi there! Today we’ll extend the list of team members! We now also got some neat avatars made by hyouto (aka chibi)! Let’s start with two new team members: Martina Brodehl Why does everyone have a cool nickname but I don’t? Joking aside, my job here is to help out with some of the needed […]

About us #1

Hi there! This week we will tell you more about all the team members. Well, actually we will just present the first half today and the next half soon after (hopefully). So here we go: Felix ‘Lachsen’ Klein: I love food. That covers the basics. I’m also a computer-science student (doing my PhD). I like […]

Welcome to our blog!

We worked on our blog over new years and here it is. The design is still very minimalistic and might be improved later. For now we just want to get content in our blog so that people can follow up on our projects. We will add new posts here very soon!