About us #2

Hi there!

Today we’ll extend the list of team members! We now also got some neat avatars made by hyouto (aka chibi)!

Let’s start with two new team members:

Martina Brodehl


Why does everyone have a cool nickname but I don’t? Joking aside, my job here is to help out with some of the needed graphics, to be precise the environmental kind as I don’t have the patience to deal with animations. I am a communication design student and always sleep-deprived, which is why I really love taking naps whenever I can.

Henning ‘GFlügel’ Hartmann


Hello, my name is Henning and I have a problem I like game mechanics. And stories. So I want to contribute towards a game with enjoyable game mechanics and story. That’s what I’m doing here. Hopefully.
And as to not completely look like some lazy idea guy I also do some additional graphics once in a while.

And here the previous team members with avatars:

Felix ‘Lachsen’ Klein


I love food. That covers the basics. I’m also a computer-science student (doing my PhD). I like to write code, polish it over and over and still manage to have a messy result. I do drawings and sprite-art exactly the same way. I’m one of the Co-Founders of Radical Fish Games and do most planning, technical stuff and several graphics for CrossCode.

Stefan ‘R.D.’ Lange


I’m a programmer, probably the best programmer ever. I’m a computer-science student too (doing my master) and the Code-Janitor of CrossCode.  When Lachsen changes things I’m the one who cleans up the mess (Oh, and sometimes I even write new code!). I’m also a Co-Founder of Radical Fish Games and do most of the PR-work, because I’m funny. Everybody else is grumpy (but don’t tell them)!

Deniz ‘Intero’ Akbulut


I’m the man who is responsible for all that music in CrossCode. I am also probably the laziest member of the team and yet everyone seems to think otherwise. At the moment I am just about to graduate from High School and I am planning to study computer-science just like the rest of the team. I also have a big interest in art & game design and one day I am going to develop my very own indie-game!
Tumblr Soundcloud

Florian ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius Ben Abdeslam Ben Modeslam Ben Omar Mohammed Abdeslam


First of all: Yes, that’s my real name!
I love music, that’s why I’m making music, mainly electronical, but for CrossCode I made a whole bunch of sound effects. And I have to admit, it’s the first time I made such sound effects.
Beside of that I’m a computer-science student in my early years, but have been a programmer for a long time, favorable C# and Java.

Again, we updated the “About” page (also with avatars now).

We have been again fairly busy this week, thus again a lack of update for CrossCode. However, we’ll have more time the following weeks so get ready for some more interesting updates soon!

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