Weekly Update #3

This week we worked a lot on small fixes and integration of gamepad input. Also more and more sound effects are added to the game!

Updates and Fixes

  • the charged ball now looks visually stronger
  • slight Changes to combat entities. Now entities can have an invincible state which resolves the problem that the turrets in the TechDemo blink when hit
  • if the right mouse click does not work for you we added space as second dash/evade button
  • you can now dash through enemies, so it’s easier to free yourself, when cornered
  • dashing is now more useful. You can dash faster and wider with the 3 first dashes. After these dashing will be slower. Also we will add a short time for the first 3 dashes were the player is invincible.


The integration of the gamepad input is basically done for the player. Aiming with the right stick of the controller is a bit harder compared to the mouse so we decided to add a button you need to press or hold to spam balls.
Currently you run with the left stick and aim with the right stick. You spam balls by holding the right shoulder button and you can dash/evade via the left shoulder button.

Not much to read this week but it was a lot of code for us to update and fix! Next week we hopefully have more for you :)

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